accelerated application delivery for SAP NetWeaver

A practical guide to DevOps for SAP

Whether or not you believe in the value that DevOps can offer to a business – and there’s already plenty of evidence to show that it can deliver major benefits – there’s no doubt that more and more companies are starting to wonder why they haven’t extended this approach to their ERP systems. Not so long ago I regularly had to explain what agile and DevOps actually meant but nowadays …

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OData Integration on SAP NetWeaver Gateway : Batch Operation Usage

Business Scenario There may be certain scenarios wherein instances may logically bind together and requires to be handled or processed in conjunction within the same logical unit of work. Take for instance a sales order, wherein an update of two or more related firm entries may be required and ought to be processed together in a single request (all or none). SAP NetWeaver Gateway can be used to process such …

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How to update renewed SSL certificate of individual Service in AccAD

Document Title:  How to update renewed SSL certificate of individual Service in AccAD.Author: Girish K. GarjeDate: 1st March 2015. 1. Introduction:           As we know AccAD accelerates the performance of web based applications. The Web based applications are nothing but http or https applications. For https application it is necessary to request & apply SSL certificate from Certificate Authority. However if this services is configured to pass through AccAD and …

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How to scale AccAD CFE

Document Title:  How to scale AccAD CFE.Author: Girish K. GarjeDate: 27th Feb 2015. 1. Introduction: Once installation of AccAD SFE & CFE is completed then it is important to review the necessity to scale if the no. of users or services delivered increase over the period of time. This document basically covers the procedure to scale the AccAD Client Front End part i.e. CFE. 2. Purpose:   As we know …

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Citrix or AccAD – That is the Question

Over the years, it has become very convenient to address Wide Area Network (WAN) performance issues with Citrix terminal server. Actually it is indeed an effective solution to accelerate access to normal applications (Web and non-Web); furthermore it is easy to setup and deploy. However when it comes to accelerating complex Web applications such as SAP CRM and WebDynpro applications, it may not be the case.   In the last …

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