Ariba Cloud Integration

Ariba CI9 SP1 – Technical/Installation details:

SAP has released SP1 only for Ariba Network component, rest of the components are still on Cloud Integration release 9. In this blog I will be discussing about AN components, P2P components and ITK components Installation and Technical details integrating with S/4 HANA in a mediated connectivity scenario. Download: Go to>Download software Note: In general SAP gave the flexibility to use your S-user ID to login to Ariba portal, …

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Ariba master data extraction program

Introduction: This blog talks about how to use the master data extraction program to read data from ECC to Ariba system. I also wrote another blog on how the integration works please read the blog here:   This blog talks about below topic areas: Master Data extraction program Sequence for Initial load consideration Customization of the master program Incremental load consideration Lessons Learnt Test cases for Master data integration …

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Ariba and SAP (SRM and ECC) integration

I recently worked on an Ariba integration project and would like to share my exp and findings. We implemented below Ariba modules: Ariba Sourcing Professional– Upstream Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management-Upstream Ariba Contract Management Professional –Downstream Ariba Savings and Pipeline Tracker In our scope of work SRM was  used for contracts which were created in Ariba and only a read only copy was passed to SRM. SRM was being …

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My SAP Ariba certification: Some useful tips

I have been in SAP consulting since last 8+ years and from SRM now to Ariba seemed like a natural progression. I have worked on Ariba projects back in time when it was not an SAP company and now again when it an SAP company and is greatly pitched by SAP to its clients so may be of an interest to all those working in the P2P area. I would …

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5 Tips for IT Leaders to Drive Source-to-Settle Digital Transformations

According to Ardent Partners, a research and advisory firm focused on supply management, digital transformation is no longer just an innovative trend – it’s now a core competency. However, while digital transformation may now be a “must-have” for most organizations, it is never easy as it requires good planning, the right technology, and the right people to execute it. This is true for all segments of an organization, including procurement, …

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Ariba Security User Management

Ariba Security User Management Introduction Scope Ariba user management User creation using UI process User creation using the CSV export/Import Ariba groups for Contracts and Auctions Who needs a user account? Anyone who will: Log into Ariba Upstream applications in a Suite Integrated Realm Log into Ariba Downstream to Create or approve transactions in P2P   Ariba Landscape Strategy – All ERPs Ariba User creation Ariba user can by created …

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SAP Ariba now on the Public Demo Showroom for Partners

We are happy to announce that we now have SAP Ariba scenarios available on the Public Demo Showroom for partners. Public Demo Showroom for Partners is a subscription service providing access to a hosted demo landscape with pre-configured scenarios to enable demo execution. Key benefits are: Demo SAP software ‘out of the box’ High level of demo content Software license included in service Maintenance by SAP Low investment for partner …

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Innovate to align your Supply Chain with your Corporate Strategy

So what is so ‘Disruptive’ about this new innovation?   Talking about adopting Disruptive Innovation, a significant Facilities Management (FM) company in Australia has recently implemented a transformational change across both the Marketing and Procurement functions.   While relatively new to SAP Ariba, they have been a strong SAP run business for many years.  In fact, the Facilities Management (FM) company are now live with SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing, SAP …

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Danger on our plates?

A friend’s recent Guardian retweet  reminded of my summer holiday when my relatively low-brow reading material contrasted with my Mum’s Chemistry World. Unhappily for Mum, she spent the week dodging potentially microplastic-heavy sea food.  Microplastics are under 5mm in size and found in products as diverse as cosmetics, toothpastes and sythentic fabrics.  In the sea they act like sponges and soak-up all sorts of stuff including other marine pollutants which end up inside …

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