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SAP Bank Analyzer FSAPPL500 Technical Setup Details

Banking Services from SAP 9.0 is only allowed to be installed on a SAP Netweaver standalone. And it is forbidden to install it on SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP SRM. In this blog I will be discussing about the steps to setup the Banking Analyzer related add-ons, configuration of banking analyzer client and BW client. Also about the required business content installation for bank analyzer component. Download  download …

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Challenges of double Payments in SAP

WHITE PAPER Abstract SAP Bank Communication Management typically provides usage of payment media generated with the help of a payment program (F110 or F111). The file will be downloaded to a file server, then the file is uploaded to a 3rd party system, which takes over the arrangement of the transmission of files to and from the bank. There are possibilities for some slippages in payment process. Payment files can …

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SCRA Implementation in Banking: State Compliance and More

What is SCRA? SCRA which stands for Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, is a federal law in the US that provides a set of benefits for the financial protection of military members and their dependents. The law eases some of the financial obligations of the servicemembers, and in some cases, suspends the enforcement of civil liabilities, enabling them to devote their complete attention to military service. Why is SCRA relevant to …

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Localizations for Banking Services from SAP 9.0 SP01: What’s New and Documentation Channels

Hey there, Check out the news for the support package 01 of our latest release, the 9.0. I also gathered here all the channels where you can find documentation related to the localizations for banking services from SAP. Have a look at the new topics of this support package below: General Localization Functions Archiving for Positive Pay Agreement Escrow Payments for Mortgage Loans Enterprise Services for Escrow Installment Prepayment Order …

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LoC: a Solution That Fits Your Business

What for A Line of Credit (LoC) is an account contract that enables bank customers to borrow funds freely up to a preauthorized limit amount. Customers then repay the borrowed funds in periodic installments that comprise any combination of interest, capital, and fees. The localizations for banking services from SAP has developed the Line of Credit (LoC) solution. See below why it fits your business needs. Why LoC See below three …

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