BW Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)

Data Provisioning Options for SAP BW (ODP) with ODP DEMO example

Data Provisioning Options for SAP BW In this Unit the main content is – Overview of Source Types ODP source systems ODP Source Systems- It’s a new way of connecting source systems to BW. In the following image you see a variety of options that allow you to connect sources to BW. The first most prominent one is the connectivity of SAP ERP systems to BW, which is classically based …

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Migrate BW on HANA to BODS on HANA using ODP Sources

Migrate BW on HANA to BODS on HANA using ODP Sources Introduction : Scrap the BW system then pull the data using ODP concept to SAP BODS to HANA. The delta queues used in SAP BODS systems are a new framework which enables multiple subscribers to replicate data from a set of queues of a provider. A queue serves as a pass-through data store for data changes. The BW DataSources …

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Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) FAQ

Hello All, Do you know … What is ODP? Or How does ODP work? Or how you can use it? What are the prerequisites? What impact will it have… Well… working as Development Manager in the SAP BW/4HANA Data Warehousing Development, I have received many questions on that topic in the last years. Please let me therefore share some important information with all of you: Operational Data Provisioning provides a …

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