BW (SAP Business Warehouse)

SAP BW Query: Automation test setup, step-by-step

Hi, community! In the post I’d like to share my experience and thoughts about automation of testing BW(Bex) queries. During upgrade/migration projects customer wants to be sure that its BW(Bex) queries return the same result before and after upgrade ceteris paribus. It’s not always true because SAP as a vendor make modification in the standard function modules, classes and so on, used in BW(Bex) queries. Even if we know wht …

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Procedure to Convert Multiprovider to Composite provider

Hi, This is Srinivas Dayana, Working for Cognizant Technology Solutions. I have 10 years of experience in BW and ABAP. I am working on SAP HANA for the past 4 years. As part of the Project requirement, we are currently Simplify few Processes and even want to use the optimised BW objects like ADSO and Composite Provider which will ease the migration from BW 7.4 to BW 7.5. Summary: As …

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Shortcuts: an easier way to access SAP BW – part 3 – variable values and more

In the previous two blog posts (here and here) I’ve introduced the basic concept of working with shortcuts and some applications of it in accessing SAP systems and BW applications. This time around I’ll show a few other applications in BW for both user and consultant, and in the end I’ll throw in some more shortcuts of use to any SAP consultant. So, imagine there’s an issue in a BW …

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Good Housekeeping in SAP BW

This article covers good housekeeping principles specifically related to a SAP business warehouse solution. Deploying housekeeping activities to a business intelligence solution ensures that the solution can run to the optimum level. The article will cover several aspects of housekeeping from PSA deletion to storing data in near line storage. Prerequisites Aspects of this article will cover housekeeping of a SAP BW solution deployed using the layered scalable architecture (LSA). …

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Debugging HANA Procedures

1.Introduction to Debugging HANA Procedures in Eclipse As we are moving towards developing applications more and more on the native HANA stack or use hybrid scenarios to combine both the worlds(BW&HANA), it is important to understand how to debug procedures using the eclipse “Debug” perspective. There are different development scenarios in which we use procedures(.hdbprocedure) or the system generates a procedure for. e.g. the use of HANA expert script based …

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Shortcuts: an easier way to access SAP BW – part 2 – SAPGUI Shortcuts

In the previous blog post I presented the concept of working with shortcuts as a quick way to access environments and development tools. In this post I’ll dive into SAP shortcuts, which provide quick access to SAPGUI systems. Along the way I´ll show how to open a Bex Analyzer window that is already connected to a BW system using a shortcut. In order to understand the motivation for working with …

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Using Advanced DSO with Snapshot Support Option

Hi! In the post I will demonstrate use of Advanced DSO (aDSO) with Snapshot Support Option enabled. There is a description of Snapshot Option from documentation. If your DataSource only allows full update, you can use the Snapshot Support flag to make sure that deleted requests are still updated. Upon activation, the system recognizes records that are in the active table but not in the load request. These are written …

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S4H Embedded Analytics – Leveraging BW models

In the recent months, S4 HANA embedded analytics has become a best suitable use case for some of the clients who wanted to perform operational analytics in real time with simplification not using BW EDW as a Separate system. Core data Services being the data modeling platform and fiori/Business objects as UI applications. In addition to CDS, there is an embedded BW content provided by SAP for reporting in S4 …

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How to get rid of Runtime Error that occurs during execution of Planning Query in BW?

When executing some planning query it runs into error with the exception named below. The issue might occur when executing the query through BEx Web, BEx Analyzer or via transaction RSRT. For certain special characteristics such as 0FISCYEAR, 0FISCPER below error might occur when executing some planning query. UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION CX_RSR_PROPAGATE_X CL_RSPLS_HDB_SWITCH BW-PLA The dump is triggered in method FILL_SIDS in class CL_RSR_TIME_RELATION_HDB. The main cause behind the error is that …

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