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Add SAP Analytics Cloud Report as a Mash-up in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) analytics integration has been tightened further. If you have an SAC report it can be viewed in C4C as a live report. You can play around with your SAC Story and perform all possible actions within the C4C system. To do this you should setup SAC report as a mash-up in C4C. Follow the instructions below to do the …

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Create SAP Analytics Cloud Story URL for Mash-up in C4C

An SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) story URL is comprised of the following parts: https://<a>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<b>/bo/story/<c>?<d> Each of the component is described below : a – SAC tenant URL b – Tenant name in lower case c – Unique story ID d – Story parameters Let us see how we can get details for each component of this URL. a, b – SAC tenant URL and Name When you launch SAC, the information …

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Troubleshooting Content Issues in Custom Reports / Prerequisites for Support Incidents

When you create your own analytical objects such as reports or data sources, you may encounter content issues i.e. the content of your report / data source is not the expected result. This blog outlines what checks can be done to find the cause for this, and also what information to provide to the support team in case you need to open an incident (see points 2 and 3 below). The …

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Currency/Unit Conversion in C4C Reports

You must have seen following fields on selection screen of standard reports and wondered how do I get these in my reports. Many SAP standard reports like Opportunity Analysis has key figures where concurrency conversion is in-built. The question many people ask is how do I have currency conversion in my custom reports and why don’t I get option to add ‘Display Currency’ and ‘Display Currency Conversion Date’ in my …

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What’s New in 1705 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – Analytics

1705 brings enhances usability and availability of C4C analytics. Now you can access your reports anytime, anywhere right on your mobile. Mobile analytics are carefully designed to ensure that you have all features that you would need to successfully analyze your report on mobile and at the same time not feel overwhelmed with too many features to browse through. Reporting in Smartphone Report list can be accessed through Report work …

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How to Create Report to Report Navigation

SAP Hybris C4C Analytics provide an awesome feature with the help of which one can navigate from one report to the other. E.g. While Analyzing Forecast by Employee, manager wants to looks at last year’s Win/Loss Analysis for that employee to review how good his employee’s Forecast has been. Scenario Example: This is how end-user would work with report: Analyze Forecast Revenue – By Employee Report Now click on one …

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What’s New in 1702 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – Analytics

Apart from RUI enhancements, we carried out following enhancements in C4C Analytics in 1702.   For details on RUI Analytics enhancements please click here.   Download Options You can now download C4C report in a PDF as well as xlsx file.   The difference between xlsx and Spreadsheet download is that Spreadsheet is in XML format and is heavy while xlsx file is light. Thus when you are looking for formatted …

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