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SAP C4C Cloud CTI Integration

Just under 2 years ago we we’re presented with a task of integrating C4C to a cloud based telephony solution. This was for a government department that was implementing SAP Cloud for Service but had prior to that installed and went live with a cloud based telephony solution for their call centre. It was not long before finding out that SAP C4C CTI integration only works with client side applications. …

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Custom PDF summary for C4C Ticket & Sub Tickets

Any coding or configuration examples provided in this document are only examples and are NOT intended for use in a productive system. The example is only done to better explain and visualize the topic. The objective of this blog is to explain how can we create Custom PDF summary for Tickets & It’s Sub Tickets with extension fields. Below is the detailed scope of this Blog: – Create a Custom …

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C4C Dataworkbench Import (Individual Objects) Authorization

The data workbench user guide does inform you about the fact that only key users or someone with administrator authorization can import data for individual objects into SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. So if you assign the data workbench work center with all views to a business user / business role the user has access to the Import section in the navigation bar. Unfortunalety the user is not able to select …

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How to setup SAP C4C CTI-Integration using https

I want to share my “lessons learned” regarding https-configuration of CTI / Live-Activity My knowledge is based on following sources: Basics are described in help.sap.com https://help.sap.com/viewer/cea15f900ca04c4faa35d3044577fe27/1708/en-US/8ccee879241742fc824eff0bfe7da9e1.html A straight-forward quick-setup can be found in “old” SCN-archive https://archive.sap.com/documents/docs/DOC-61429 Some new features in 1702 – but also a lot of basics https://blogs.sap.com/2017/03/13/whats-new-in-1702-sap-hybris-cloud-for-customer-call-center-integration-in-rui/ Very recent FAQ: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/06/06/faqs-related-to-cti-integration-in-sap-hybris-cloud-for-customer/ Some hints regarding http First advice:  Do the initial setup/testing using HTTP. Once this is working, switch …

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What is New 1708 – SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer – SLA Enhancements

SLA Enhancements (as of 17.08) Following SLA’s are already supported – Due Date for Initial Review Due Date for Response Due Date for On-Site Arrival Due Date for Completion Due Date for Resolution What is new – as of 17.08? Pause SLA clock You can now pause SLA clock when assignment status changes from Agent to Customer.  Example, when the ticket status is in Customer Action, SLA clocks are paused. …

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How to do background automated external pricing for tickets and quotes for C4C

Dear Community. Recently I created a solution to automate pricing calls an external ERP for service tickets in C4C I’d like to share with other Cloud for Customer users. The following solution is motivated by a customer having long running external pricing runs resulting in a timeout of the C4C UI front end. To circumvent the UI timeout I investigated whether and how external pricing calls can automatically be run …

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Cloud for Customer – Knowledge Base Reports

This blog explains the steps to create reports to analyze the impact of Shared articles from Cloud for customer Knowledge base. Use Case # 1: Service agent would like to see the list of shared articles per ticket on the C4C ticket details screen. Solution: Use the standard C4C Data Source “Knowledge Base Articles” which displays all Knowledge Base articles that have been proposed as solution for Service Tickets. [Note …

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Recommended Browser Settings for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Web Browser caching is almost always used by SaaS applications to deliver highly responsive web based applications. Retrieving static assets like images, JavaScript files and other metadata, over the network from the server, can be very expensive. On mobile devices this can also lead to faster battery drain. Therefore every browser ships with HTTP caching which can store these types of files locally and eliminate the need to request the …

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Performance Improvements in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – 1705

The following performance features and improvements are part of 1705.   1. Option to Disable Implicit Personalization to avoid cold starts In 1705 we have introduced an option to disable implicit personalization. When this option is checked (turned on) as shown below, a user’s specific layout changes will not be persisted. This means there is no need to get a copy of the users layout/floorplan from the server. Usually this …

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