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Quantum Computing – Exploring the Next Potential Paradigm Shift in High Performance Computing

Quantum computing is a new computational technology at the intersection of quantum physics and computer science [1]. A Quantum Computer (QC) is a device that makes direct use of quantum-mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to perform operations on data, which is encoded in qubits. A qubit [2] is any well-defined, two-level quantum-system which constitutes the basic computation unit of a QC. Quantum-computing is interesting because of its potential to …

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Co-Innovation Lab Silicon Valley, Sept 2017

I’m finding my way back to SDN this month with an initial short post about what we are up to at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto this year. With so much groundswell surrounding innovation and SAP Leonardo today, we are in no short supply of compelling projects to pursue. The project work emerging really reflects it. We’ve got at least 5 projects focusing upon AI and ML already, …

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Innovation Center Silicon Valley – An Immersive Workplace

SAP’s Innovation Center is the epitome of new ideas, learning, and knowledge sharing. It is home to over 60 IT professionals from across the world. Topics such as Conversational AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing among others are venerated. With the general hubbub of customer visits, development activities, cross-team collaboration, it’s hard to escape the palpable energy and excitement clouding the ICSV. So, what does an immersive, knowledge-sharing workspace …

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Exploring Artificial Intelligence through Co-Innovation

This blog post comes on the heels of some cool project work we’ve been doing with Enterra Solutions® surrounding how its cognitve computing solution can contribute to SAP Integrated Business Planning to ring further business insights from master data as well as other relevant structured and unstrucutured large data sets. I’m grateful to collaborate with Stephen DeAngelis, founder and CEO of Enterra Solutions to compose this post and to dive a bit …

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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Highlights, April 24, 2017

April, 24, 2017. Today’s blog post only comes 3 months later than expected but writing at the start of the year would’ve meant more of a project summary for last year which at 23 active projects, kept us on our toes. Nonetheless, some of these projects have rolled right into 2017 so with 3 months into the year, now is a great time to share a glimpse into what we …

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WiDS Machine Learning Meetup @ DATA SPACE by SAP in Berlin

Gender equality is an important part of SAP’s mission to make the world run better and improve people’s lives. SAP has taken many steps in the past years in working towards a gender equal workplace, with the recent highlight of supporting the Stanford initiative Women in Data Science with its annual conference taking place at Stanford University and being broadcasted all over the world. Prior to the main conference taking …

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Co-innovation as a service: A reflection on SAP Co-innovation Lab

SAP and the SAP Co-innovation lab SAP is the world’s largest enterprise software provider with 320000+ customers in 190 countries and an annual revenue of 22 billion Euro in 2016.  80% of SAP’s 320000+ customers are small and medium enterprises; in the meantime, it has 98% of the 100 most valued brands as its customers. Collectively SAP customers produce 78% of the world’s food, 82% of the world’s medical devices, …

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SAP Labs France: What is DevOps?

SAP Labs France: What is DevOps?, by Hervé Rooy & Alban Ludewig   The Cloud momentum on the industry has been an extraordinary innovative ground leading to new practices on the way IT (Operation) and development interact and work together. SAP Labs France, as most probably any other company doing business in the Cloud, has adopted the DevOps momentum. What is DevOps? According to WikiPedia: “DevOps (a clipped compound of …

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SAP Labs France: Learning better with SAP Labs France and Scratch

SAP Labs France: Learning better with SAP Labs France and Scratch, by Olena Kushakovska It all started with an amazing SAP CSR EMEA Africa Code Week 2015 initiative, when several colleagues from the SAP Labs France went on social sabbatical to teach children in 17 African countries basic coding skills with “Scratch” (project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Labs). This largest digital literacy initiative ever organized on the …

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