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Women in Data Science @University of Buenos Aires

I had not payed attention to the genders of the attendees in a conference for many, many years -until today. The Women in Data Science conference in Buenos Aires served as a gathering point for women, both proficient or interested in technology. For the first time in years, the high percentage of women in the audience turned my attention into surprise. With over 75 participating locations, these gatherings happened simultaneously as local schedules …

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Automatically marking as ‘read’

It’s looking like to me that the functionality for marking notifications as “read” is only working if I perform the “jump” to item from the notifications screen. If I right-click an item in my notifications stream and open it in a new window, it doens’t ever mark that item as read.  the next time I log back in to the system, the notification stil shows as unread. I open items …

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2016 : Holidays Message

Hello All, I would like to wish you, your families and friends happiness, peace, fitness and health during this “Special Time of Spirit” and on into 2017. I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to my SCN colleagues for all their care and support in this year. I also Thank YOU again dear readers for visiting this BLOG. Have a great new year 2017… 🙂 Yogesh

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[Status Update] Activity Feed going berserk

Pages and pages of seemingly outdated or needless information about Moshe’s post: All with timestamps from 30+ minutes ago, so that would be shortly before 11:00 AM EST, and seems like I got feed updates for every touch in this thread from all of the history…

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[Status Update] Hidden wiki update?

I figured I would double tag this status update with both Coffee Corner and Using to reach a larger audience for recent updates on SAP Community Release Notes.  I also showed how you can watch the page and even get email updates 🙂

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It’s like I’m in the ‘New Territories’

Is it just me or does this community feel as barren as the Mars landscape? I see the same few names over and over.   In my “tag” I’ve had 8 real questions since this place was opened. I also feel like the whole “community” thing is being lost. I’m not seeing new people.   It’s not very easy to see new blogs or browse a community. If I simply browse blogs …

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Notifications versus Activities – Dummy blog

So you can create a blog in CC.  Not sure why, but looks like the capabilities are there.  Was planning to create a discussion, but decided to check this capability first.  Will still create the Discussion, but would like this to be a test, primarily how you are delivered the visibility. Were you following me, Coffee Corner (Primary Tag), found it with a search on either Notifications or Activities, something …

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My First Gay Bar

My first gay bar was hidden above a strip mall on the outskirts of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  I snuck in apprehensively, terrified of being judged, terrified of being misunderstood, terrified of being “caught”.  The bouncer, a friend of mine, had assured me I’d be welcome there, and welcome I was.  It didn’t take long for me to lose my inhibitions, dancing the night away. I pounded my high-heeled boots …

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A virtual dairy

Most of us in the IT world have a habit to scribble notes in our daily activities. However, there is another way to have a virtual dairy available   * Open a notepad and type .LOG (case sensitive) as the first line. * Save and close the file. * Double-click the file to open it and notice that Notepad appends the current date and time and places the cursor on …

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