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TIME ANALYZER REPORTS This blog attempts to describe time analyzer reports, where to obtain the tool, how to generate the report and use them towards reducing migration downtimes.   What is Time Analyzer? Time Analyzer reports are very useful in analyzing the export and import timings and tune the OS/DB migration downtimes. These reports can be generated in all cases of SWPM/sapinst or Migration monitor or distribution monitor. Time analyzer …

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Post Copy Automation for SAP BW on HANA Migrations

Learn how to migrate to BW on HANA with reduced Business Downtime without risking the original production system. Improve the migration to BW on HANA with automated task lists to ease the migration path. Click here for a replay of the Expert Session @ SAP Enterprise Support Academy (valid SAP ID required). This expert session is provided to you by SAP Global CoE as part of SAP MaxAttention Expert Series, in collaboration with SAP …

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GNU Tools for checking input files: using awk to check for duplicate keys

Last time I made the case that it’s a good idea to check your input file prior to a migration. I wrote about how you can use the uniq command to check for duplicate lines in your Iinput files in Using GNU tools to quickly check your input files – duplicates lines.   But maybe you don’t want to check the complete lines, but only check if certain field combinations …

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Using GNU tools to quickly check your input files – duplicates lines

I’m currently doing data migration in a specific problem domain, but I think what I’m sharing here can be applied very generically.   The checks you usually do on an input file can be supported (and automated) by small GNU Tools.   As an example, it was agreed, that the input file will not contain duplicates – let’s check if it does. Also, it’s always a good idea to know …

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