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Faster and Better Dynamics AX with Import Utility

In AX 2012, user has to create a sales order manually. First, he or she has to create sales order header, then sales order line. After confirmation, he or she has to create picking list and then packing list. After that, the user has to invoice that sales order. We suggest using import utility to save time and effort. This is the biggest advantage of import utility. Here, we will …

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How to change hierarchy selection for 0CRM_CATEGORIZATION_HIER

You want to change hierarchy in selection tab in BW system as shown in the screenshot below. But it cannot be changed. BW gets this hierarchy date information from the source system. Hence this cannot be changed from BW system directly. In standard, this can only be changed from the source system, which in this case is CRM WebUI. Please follow the steps below: Logon to WebUI with Business Role …

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Getting Error when Maintaining BWA1 Message No. SMOX3106

When maintaining BWA1, sometimes you may get the pop-up below:   If you click “Check” (F9), you may see the line with the error message. Double click on the line, you can see the error details like below:   0CRM_COMPLAINTS_I: Fld WARRANTY: Dif. selection indicators in ROOSFIELD (A) and SMOXRELP () Message No. SMOX3106 Diagnosis The information that that a field of the extract structure could be selected by or …

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Service Monitor Status

Symptom: Service order created with sales item and this sales item has delivery and post goods issue completed in ECC. But in service monitor, the status is not shown as green traffic light.     The help document below explains under what circumstances will the traffic lights show green, red or no icon.   Service Monitor – Generic Functions in Service – SAP Library   There are 2 tables which …

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Some data are not extracted by datasource 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I

Symptom: There is one quotation with 2 items. One of the items can be extracted in RSA3 using datasource 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I. The other cannot.   The reason why this item can not be extracted in datasource 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I is that this item do not have any of the following status:   GC_STATUS-INQUIRY                                           I1076 GC_STATUS-QUOTATION                                      I1055 GC_STATUS-QUOTATION_ACCEPTED                  I1079   If an item does not have any of the above status, it is filtered …

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