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Setting up SUP/Relay Server for HTTPS connections from REx

You should have high-level knowledge about HTTPS, certificates (CA, server certificates) Scenarios Covered 1. HTTPS when device connects to the SMP server via Relay server Does not cover 1. E2EE for Mobilink communication 2. Site minder network edge scenarios 3. Setting up relay server connection from SUP 4. Setting up relay server Please note this document covers HTTPS connection based on Server Authentication only. HTTPS connection based mutual authentication requires …

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REX: Sending Alerts from Backend System

Program Report for Sending Alerts from Backend System: In transaction code SE38, execute the report /MAC/RSFM_ALERT_GEN (shown in thefollowing diagram).  Refer to the administrator’s guide for SAP Retail Execution for detailed documentation ofthe report. Important Notes for the alerts report: Priority: Rex maps the alert priority (for example, High, Very High) with a priority ID and sends the priority ID to SMP. However,the priority of alert is not displayed in …

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Rex: Troubleshooting for SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)

Certain errors encountered in the installation, initialization and synchronization of Retail Execution app and that are attributed to settings in SAP Mobile Platform are discussed here: Error:  Command to tRFC/qRFC: Execute LUW again This error can appear in any one of the following scenarios: When executing the alert generation report Initial sync run from backend to SMP Delta sync run from backend to SMP A network or connection problem has …

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Rex: Product Data Download

Product data in Retail Execution is downloaded to the device using a hybrid approach, that is a combination of on-demand (directly from backend) and via the SAP Mobile Platform (backend to SMP and from SMP to device). Replication to SMP The product download profile valid for the sales area of the device user (if no product download profile assignment to sales area is available), then the product download profile set …

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Rex: Troubleshooting Activities that are Missing After Sync

Symptom : You have synced activities from backend CRM system.  However, these activities do not get downloaded to the device.  There are no error messages on the device for this behaviour and the user is unable to figure out the reason for disappearance of the activities. Solution : When an activity is created and the same becomes irrelevant for download from the backend, the user is informed with an appropriate …

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Rex: Adding Logos to Customer and Images to Contacts

You need to upload attachments to the SAP Retail Execution mobile app. The Business Add-In /MAC/RS_BADI_DEF_ATTACH has been provided with interface /MAC/RS_BADI_IF_ATTACH to help implement the feature of uploading attachments to the app. The standard system provides a sample BAdI implementation for the method /MAC/RS_BADI_ATTACH_CREATE_BEF.  For this sample implementation to work, attachments that are being uploaded must have the naming convention as listed in the following table.  The app uses …

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External Links in SAP Retail Execution 3.2 for iOS

Did you know its possible to enhance the Global Access Menu of SAP Retail Execution 3.2 to include external links to other websites or apps? In this article I will take you through a step by step process to configure a Global Access Menu to include a link to an internal app, an intranet URL with context passing and a link to a web map Step 1 – Create the …

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Issue with UpgradeConsole.exe

Hello, I had encountered a issue with the UpgradeConsole.exe on the Production Communication Station machine. Post logging, the below error message occurs; After analysis, we found out that the “SAP MAR Central Service” was stopped due to unknown reasons. Corrective Action: We then restarted the service: “SAP MAR Central Service”, and then Upgradeconsole.exe started working properly and no error messages are shown while logging into it. To perform, please follow …

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REX 3.0:Sending alert messages to Sales Rep

Introduction Message broadcasting provides the ability to admin of creating messages and broadcasting them to the selected SRs. The scope of this document is to explain the process of using the standard alert report to broadcast the alert messages to the Sales Rep on REX 3.0. Message Set Up and Execution For message broadcasting, the admin or sales manager can use the standard report program to create the required message …

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