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My Tickets: Overview of the first CRM7 Service Fiori Application

My Tickets is a new Fiori application delivered with SAP CRM7 that enriches its service management (ITSM) capability.   ITSM in CRM7 The CRM7 ITSM solution covers multiple scenarios such as: Incident reporting Investigation Planning Change and approval management Knowledge retention Multiple actors are involved in these scenarios such as: Business users IC agents IT support & IT experts Change managers & approvers Developers & testers My Tickets follows a …

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No change in Transaction Data(CRMD_ORDERADM_H) but need to trigger configured PPF Action

Problem Statement I encountered a situation recently where even if the Configured Condition were met by the Transaction Type(CRM Service Orders in our case) to trigger PPF Actions, it was not triggering the PPF Action as was expected. Going into the business aspect of this problem there was a need that the functionality in the PPF Action(notification to appropriate stakeholders) be triggered even if the changes were not directly made …

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CRM Contract Service to Ibase Mapping

Hello! I want to share with you guys a mapping I did, because when I received the requirement I did some research and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so in case somebody else is having the same request this document will be helpful. This is related to tables and relationships between a Contract Service in CRM and where to find the object list (in my case Installed Base) …

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Auto Suggest Knowledage Article Alert in IC

Purpose: In CRM IC Agent business role, when creating/changing a service request, knowledge articles can be suggested according to the categories and then displayed as an alert in context area. For example, there is a categorization schema which can be used for a service request. A knowledge  article is assigned to category DESKTOPS->MAC: there is no knowledge article assigned to category DESKTOPS->WINDOWS: For a service request, when change category to …

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EhP1: Prediction of Service Parts and Service Duration

As of SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0, the business function Sales and Service (CRM_SLS_SRV_1) is available. You can use values from past service confirmations to predict the service parts and time required to perform a service. In the standard system, predicted values are provided based on service confirmation data stored in the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW). Prediction is relevant for service items, and is, therefore, available …

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CRM_SRV_1: Business Function Service Management 1

The business function Service Management 1 (CRM_SRV_1) is available as of the following releases: SAP enhancement package 2 (SP02) for SAP CRM 7.0 SAP enhancement package 1 (SP07) for SAP CRM 7.0 SAP CRM 7.0 SP11 SAP CRM 2007 SP11 Customer always asks SAP about why certain functionality does not work in the same way between A and B, hence, to synchronize the functionality between Sales and Service, SAP improved …

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EEWB and AET fields are copied in different ways into follow-up transaction

After upgrade your CRM system you may notice that some fields generated by EEWB are not copied into follow-up transactions any more. But fields generated by AET are still working fine. That’s because the code is changed and new system behaviour is considered. In old versions, system copies all custom fields including both EEWB and AET fields into follow-up transactions even customers do not want these value. As of below …

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Auto Suggest Features-Multilevel Categorization Part II

In my last blog I had explained the auto suggest features of multilevel categorization with triggers document checklist and its knowledge article integration in the service request transaction. I had also explained by entering a product in the reference object field at the header level the categorization fields get populated automatically. Auto Suggest Features-Multilevel Categorization Part I In my current and last blog on auto suggest features in multilevel categorization. …

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Extend 1Order Searches: How to guide for customers

The following guide focuses on searches for 1Order documents. But there is a more general rule which is true for all cases when you want to implement fast searches. Rule: If you implement a search think in terms of SQL. Do not think in terms of ABAP. SQL is the perfect tool for implementing searches. Introducing new search parameter When enhancing SAP standard searches and new search parameters are added …

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