Defense and Security

What has changed in the last 10-15 years in the Defense Industry and Ecosystem?

In the last 10-15 years, we have witnessed emergence of revolutionary technological innovations. Large portions of the global population leap-frogged the personal computer and went directly to mobile phone-based computing. These new innovations have provided never-before-seen functionality in addition to driving cost-effectiveness and speed-to-market. The Department of Defense (DoD) is changing and faced with notable trends and challenges, such as the following: Shrinking workforce: With large number of baby boomers …

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Choosing a VPN for Security: What You Need To Know

The internet has become more of a basic need for many people. Very few people can go for a day without surfing the web; either with a smartphone, personal computer, or any other internet-enabled device.   Internet service providers (ISPs) play a huge role in ensuring we get to surf the web with ease. ISPs strive to ensure their clients and customers get high-speed internet and bandwidth 0 as a …

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Big Software, Customers and Start-ups; a Powerful Innovation Proposition

I was very fortunate to accompany both the New Zealand Defence Force, an SAP customer, and an impressive Australian start-up to the SAP Next-Gen Defence Innovation Council event in New York. SAP Next-Gen events are very different to typical user group events as they go beyond the current ICT landscape to examine what is at, and what could be beyond, the technology horizon. Herein lies the importance of involving emerging …

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How to make sure your sensitive business data is safe

As we move business more and more to an online presence, there are plenty of concerns about how sensitive data is stored and how it is protected. A leak could be very costly for you, as well as potentially endangering your clients. Here is how to make sure that your sensitive business data is never at risk.   Make access need-to-know While you may have plenty of different software programs, …

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Combat Cyber Risk in Military Supply Chains with Blockchain

At SAP, we have always been looking for ways to realize tomorrow today – think about how SAP Cloud Platform got started, or SAP Leonardo – and we’re been rather successful following this formula. This is a story of another first, this time for the logistics supply chain and the defense vertical in particular. For 6 months, we have been working behind the scenes with a blockchain technology pioneer Guardtime …

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