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Introducing the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development

At SAP TechEd Las Vegas this year Björn Goerke announced, among a lot of other great new things, the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development. Generally speaking, it provides generic development libraries and tools such as OData services provisioning and consumption, business events and so on to enable application developers to easily create extensions on SAP Cloud Platform. In this blog I would like to provide you more insight about …

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New Low Code Application Development Tool

Openness has been a key guiding principle for SAP Cloud Platform since its inception. Providing a broad set of tools and services to speed application development on SAP Cloud Platform has been a focus over the past year and we are excited to see this investment come to fruition (see blog). We all know that it’s one thing to have ideas – but it’s another entirely to be able to execute …

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Improve Digital Experiences and Speed Application Development with SAP Cloud Platform Tools

  The speed of execution is key to the delivery of great digital experiences – crucial when introducing new disruptive products, engaging customers across different channels, and adapting to changing priorities. But, how can your company operate faster when you need ever-growing and ever-changing applications, and user expectations are constantly rising? Keeping pace with the demand for new apps Most businesses are struggling to keep pace with the demand for …

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GitHub Satellite 2017

GitHub hosted the second edition of its yearly satellite conference just two weeks ago. Along with  product announcements from GitHub itself, this event was focused on customers, partners and the open source community. After grabbing a coffee from the coffee bar and a waffle for breakfast, everyone slowly arrived at Printworks in London. The event kicked off with an opening keynote by Chris Wanstrath and Kyle Daigle showcasing GitHub Marketplace, new Git and GitHub integrations …

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Using CDS Graphical Editor – Create CDS Associations

Associations in CDS are relationships of one CDS entity to another CDS entity that is present in same CDS file or an entity residing in another CDS file, but within the same HDB module. CDS supports two types of Associations, Managed & Unmanaged Associations and you can create them graphically, or via the form based tabular editor for mass addition & editing of associations. ·         Create associations graphically From the …

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DB Explorer not functioning properly when server is in hostnames routing mode.

I have an XS-A server that’s running in hostnames mode.  I have a legit(paid) SSL cert installed on it and things seems to be working except the DB Explorer.   When entering the DB Explorer, I get a message about the server not being able to connect to the socket.  Sorry wording is wrong, I can’t seem to catch it before it is gone. Anyway, when exploring a table structure, …

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SAPUI5 Custom control library: Web IDE Development, deployment to HCP, and to on-premise ABAP Repository. Part 2.

The previous part of the series briefly explained how to implement a Custom Control library for SAPUI5 and then deploy it to the HCP to make it possible using the library by your other UI5 apps inside the Web IDE. Deployment to on-premise SAP ABAP Repository In Part 1 I unequivocally stated that all the library files should be put into the project root folder. However Web IDE works equally …

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SAPUI5 Custom control library: Web IDE Development, deployment to HCP, and to on-premise ABAP Repository. Part 1.

Despite the enormous quantity of controls supplied by SAPUI5 framework it is likely that at one or another moment you realise that your end users go whimsical and you face a task of creating another Control successor. Not a big deal actually, just open a corresponding guide and off you go. You implement a new control and use it as a part of an App project. However, sooner or later …

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SAP Labs CIS: Building a bridge from Moscow to Singapore (Fellowship kick-off experience)

Hello everybody, My name is Evgeny and I have several years of experience in SAP Max Attention Support in SAP Labs CIS organization. In this post I’d like to share nice things happened to me over last few months. Hopefully it will be useful to somebody of you or, at least, you will enjoy reading 🙂 First thing, is that I’ve applied for a Fellowship ICN team located in Singapore …

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