Focused Build and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager

How to ensure customer mission-critical processes with Solution Manager and Focused Insights – Part 3

Many years of my professional live I was working in Customer Competence Centers. Starting in 2004 I used SAP Solution Manager in every available aspect. In late 2016 SAP set the Focused Solutions to “general availability”. In this post I’ll show step by step how to use the application Focused Insights to setup a quality management “Readiness Dashboard“. This could be part of my target – having an operations control center for …

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Focused Insights: Online Demo

Focused Insights: Online Demonstration From this page, you can access online demo for Focused Insights. You can also click here to schedule a 1-on-1 Demo for Focused Insights by sending a mail to   Nine different dashboard use-cases are accessible from the dashboard instance links below.   Operation Dashboard With operation dashboards, RunSAP teams have real-time visibility on the status of their systems and solutions. This instance provides a …

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What ‘s new in Focused Insights 2.0 SP1

Focused Insights 2.0 SP1 for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP5 is now released to customers. The corresponding documentation is accessible here. This version has been designed to enrich the current level of capabilities with the following functionalities: Unified User Interface: A new navigation template is now available for all dashboards models. Advanced Service Level Report: New set of advanced functionalities for managing and maintaining service level objectives. Indicators and renderers: …

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Managing and Monitoring Service Levels Agreements with Focused Insights 2.0

Motivations In SAP hybrid environment, such software-as-a-service as well as Private Cloud offerings, service level reports are essential to monitor and control SAP solutions that are virtualized across multiple services and cloud infrastructure. A service level report defines realistic, quantifiable service-level objectives, and track their performances in real time to measure and monitor application service levels against business objectives. Generating reports is typically a manual, time-consuming and error-prone process. The …

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Keep calm – IT’s all about ALM

Did you encounter this situation yourself? The project is over. The money has been spent. The planned project-time has been needed. Surprisingly not every requirement was delivered. How could this happen? Imagine a waterfall-based project methodology. The phases of this approach have been described by several authors. Let me use here for simplification reasons the unified waterfall model and 1st of all list the phases: Requirements Design Implementation Verification Maintenance. All of these phases to …

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How to ensure document steering and test management with SAP Solution Manager – Part 2

In my 1st blog about SAP Solution Manager with Focused Build add-on I wrote about the first steps to ensure that a projects work can be structured by work packages and scoped with the usage of controlled documents. This blog will shed light on the building and testing functionality. At the end of that blog You will be able to evaluate if the additional functions coming with the additional add-on are valuable. Now …

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