HCM Personnel Administration

Automatic toggle to display mode

In the SAP system there is a posibilty to set the amount of time in which an user can manage the data of an employee in transactions PA30, PA40, PA61. With an very easy configuration you can get the following funcionality:   Transaction PA30, we were thinking in change data After the time customized with no modification, the system sends a warning message with the remaining time before the system changes …

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About a small bug

Some sentences about a message without sense: S:EK:060. This message messade is returned by the following operations> Transaction PHCPADMN. Plan data -> Transfer to CO -> Display original document Ctrl+Shift+F2 or                                           Check original document Ctrl+Shift+F3 or                                           Update original document Ctrl+Shift+F6 or                                           Post Plan  Ctrl+Shift+F4   This error exists when missing authorization for   OBJECT ‘S_TABU_DIS’ ID ‘ACTVT’           03 ID ‘DICBERCLS’  KC. The message s:ek:060 is without sense and you can’t find the real reason …

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