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Disabling Salary Proration in Tax Calculation (Mid-Month Hiring and Termination)

Have contributed to this article Abdullah Chougle and Senthil Kuppusamy with their technical expertise. In Egypt, when it comes to employee’s income tax calculation, the common practice is to prorate the employee’s monthly salary in certain situations, for example, if the person is hired or terminated in the middle of the month. That scenario is covered by the HCM localization for Egypt. Some businesses may, however, approach this from a different …

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HCM – New Supportability Tool on HR Renewal

Hi All, We have delivered a new supportability tool to speed up the analysis of issues on HR Renewal area in development/test systems. This tool would be useful if you are an HR Renewal consultant. The new report RPPAO_LAUNCHER can be used to access the most used functionalities in the analysis of HR Renewal incidents. On the same screen, it’s possible to access the required reports, tcodes, tables, badis, classes, webdynpro applications…, …

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