SAP Fiori for iOS – Build Your First Native Mobile App

Have you ever wanted to develop an native iOS app with SAP Fiori’s look and feel? OpenSAP has a great course, SAP Fiori for iOS – Build Your First Native Mobile App, where you get to develop your first SAP fiori iOS application. The course walks you through step by step setting up for application development  all the way to deployment. The assignments and final exam for this course is …

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Barcelona Kegger? #hackthekeg #sapteched

So in Las Vegas we had a first ever for us, we brought a keg and we had fun with it. Now yes it did have beer but it was IoT enabled and therefore we had data to play with as well! Thank you Martin for all the great photos! Let’s Hack the Keg Almost #sapteched so how about a whole new project! Hello Vegas! Keg is ready are you? …

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SAP TechEd Highlight: #hackthekeg

First as I sit here safe at home I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to those who were affected by the horrible events that took place this past weekend in Las Vegas! It seems odd to want to share in light of the tragedy however I think the best we can do is show that terror will not win no matter what! During the SAP TechEd event in Las …

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Hello Vegas! Keg is ready are you?

Now a full day hre in Vegas and things are moving along great!  We’ve a lot of things going on like the App Space, SAP CodeJam mini editions and Innovation Talks.  And of course our #hackthekeg event.   The Kegerator should be here now, I’ve not yet seen it but it should be somewhere in the shipping/receiving area. Our pages are online, setup, updated, registration looks great and we even …

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Almost #sapteched so how about a whole new project!

So with SAP TechEd Las Vegas just days away (serious it’s like 3 days before I leave) I decided to why not throw a whole other mess on my desk and try something totally new. I dusted off my old Raspberry Pi, grabbed a miniSD card and decided sure why not, let’s do it! Oh wait, what did I do? What am I rambling about? Well with our #hackthekeg Evening …

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Let’s Hack the Keg!

Next week is SAP TechEd Las Vegas!      OK, for many that is no surprise but I like surprises so for those of you who thought you knew everything going on I decided to throw something new in there that you did not know about already!   Wednesday the 27th starting at 18:30, SAP and Apple will come together to “Hack the Kegerator”! The Kegerator is our IoT enabled …

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Have You Explored The New String API In Swift 4 Yet?

In 2017, Swift 4 was released as a part of Xcode 9 at WWDC. Although it’s final release is supposed to be scheduled in September, but developers have already laid their hands on the new app development language. The new version brings some extraordinary improvements and much-needed additions to the existing Swift 2 and 3. Key Features of the programming language, include: New Codeable protocol that allows for easy serialization …

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Apple iPhone in Enterprise

This year the Apple iPhone will be 10 years old and the disruption is still being felt in the enterprise. When its stable mate the iPad came along 7 years ago and joined the digital disruption the impact on “Mobile First design” was fully realised. Now the Apple iPhone and iPad did not create the disruption all by themselves, but were part of a movement which hinged on the technology …

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