IoT SIM management for SAP HANA

RFID Sensor Integration with HANA Cloud Platform

Business case: if there is any goods need to be track from warehouse, RFID technology might be a good choice. RFID sensors with HANA cloud platform will provide live tracking of goods.   Here is the below components being used to implement this business case, RFID Reader : RFID RC522 RFID Tag ESP8266 Wifi Module Hana Trial Account Firmware has to be burn into microcontroller with RC522 libraries, once the …

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GPS Module Integration with HANA Cloud Platform

In continuation of previous blog (, I would like to share, Integration of GPS Module with HANA Cloud system. Here is the sequence of each step. GPS Module will get the location from satellites. ESP8266 Module will pump, longitude and Latitude to HANA system. Created UI5 application in HANA Trial account, Query the longitude and latitude stored in HANA data base tables to plot sensor location in Google Map. Sensing …

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Gas Sensor using Hana Cloud Platform

I have taken business case as, if there is any gas leakage or smoke in room, we will send the data to Hana Cloud Platform, from the mobile device or desktop to view the report and initiate the appropriate action. Here is the below devices to be used to implement this, MQ-135 Sensor. Bread Board. ESP8266 wifi. Audrino Uno to get the 5V. Few Wires to connect the sensor. HANA …

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