LE Handling Unit Management

Algorithm of Packing and Unpacking a Handling Unit: Part-II

This is the sequel of the blog https://blogs.sap.com/2017/10/24/algorithm-of-packing-and-unpacking-a-handling-unit-part-i/ In this blog, an attempt is made to understand the Packing and Unpacking a handling unit which are not assigned to any object, technically they are free HUS, non assigned handling unit. In my prequel, I have already explained  how to de-assign a handling unit from outbound delivery in a handling unit managed warehouse. Lets start the journey. Packing a Handling unit:  Th …

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Picking Nested Handling unit through Pick Handling unit

Purpose: The conceptualization of this blog is to understand what is Pick Handling unit(HU), Nested HU and how in WM+HU managed Storage location, picking and packing is conducted in one step( Pick and Pack Procedure).   Overview: Picking and packing is very vital business process in a warehouse and complexity happens when storage location is WM+HU managed and to pack the outbound delivery, VL02N triggers an error saying Packing in …

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