LE Warehouse Management

Usage decision with HUM and WM active: Part-I

Purpose: A great deal of uncertainty and complexity are involved when usage decision in QM is interfaced with handling unit management and warehouse management and there is no such document available in SCN which by and large talks about this. The conceptualization of this blog is to de-mystify the complexity where there is interface of WM-HUM-QM and to add more complexity I am adding PP as well. So,this blog will …

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Automatic delivery items generation for packaging materials of picking unit: SD WM HU Interface

Purpose: The idea of writing this blog goes back to year 2014 during one of my SAP implementation in India where there was requirement to have Automatic packaging items generation at time of outbound delivery. without  maintaining Predefined packaging instruction and packaging condition records which in short is termed as Automatic packing. This concept of Automatic generation of packaging materials as delivery item is completely different than automatic packing. Overview: There …

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Repacking a Handling unit: A kind of Tautomerism

Purpose of this blog: The purpose of writing this blog is to understand a simple process of what is Repacking and why repacking is required and how it is conducted in a HU-WM managed location.   Motivation of this blog: There are many kinds of scenarios in which business is required to conduct repacking in a warehouse . Suppose a shipment in warehouse arrives in some boxes ( first handling unit). …

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HU-WM Duality: An interoperability from Quantum Physics

This is my first blog and the inspiration of writing is derived from below question asked on SCN https://answers.sap.com/questions/275343/reversing-movement-type-344.html?childToView=277838#answer-277838 I will correlate this business process with Quantum Mechanics in Physics, a theory which says objects have characteristics of both particles and waves (i.e Wave-particle duality). In similar fashion, in Warehouse where Storage location is WM+HU managed, it has dual characteristics.(Delivery+Quant Movement). In a general business scenario in HU+WM managed location, we are required …

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