Machine Learning

International VDI Conference – Artificial Intelligence

Panel Discussion with Florian Heretsch – 50 People Sitting in the Room   I had the opportunity to attend the International VDI Conference about Artificial Intelligence on the 29th of November 2017. This event was mostly designed for managers and chief officers to get in contact with different companies and their experience and projects with AI, not only to explore the state of the art technologies, but also to network …

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And we deployed – Human detection API ( Deep Learning ) on SAP Cloud foundry

Hello everyone, This should be exciting for all the readers ! We just wanted to share our experience with deploying a custom Deep learned neural network model trained using Tensorflow, to detect human bodies in any image along with their gender on SAP’s Cloud foundry environment.   Application ( Deployed on SAP Cloud foundry ):   Analyzed sample image:   Deep Learning architecture: We used Tensorflow 1.4 over Python 3.5.4 …

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Chatbots will drive the future of workplace efficiency

Chatbots are a huge untapped resource for businesses. In 2016, over 1.5 billion people used messaging apps, and every one of those people is a potential user of a chatbot. As a guest editor over the AI and bots section at VentureBeat, I see many submissions come through that discuss how chatbots will revolutionize one industry or another. Most of the hype about chatbots that we’ve seen so far has …

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Image Processing Using Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API in SAP UI5

Machine Learning is not new to us now. It helps the systemcode by providing an ability to make decisions based on prior experience and learnings. In this blog, I will be sharing the steps to use the Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API within SAP UI5. To go ahead with it we need few pre-requisites: SAP Web IDE account Microsoft Azure account ( Understanding of SAP UI5/Javascript/Jquery We will start with …

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Predict Supplier Ranking by Integrating SAP Application with Machine Learning Algorithms

For business enterprises, supplier evaluation is a mission critical process. The majority of the organizations, for profit or otherwise, use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications such as SAP to manage various business functions such as procurement, sales, finance etc. Using SAP application, the supplier evaluation process is performed by configuring a linear score model. However, this approach has a limited success Therefore we performed an experiment that included a two-stage …

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#ASUG Webcast recap: A practitioner’s view of machine learning

Source: SAP This was an ASUG BITI webcast given by SAP Figure 2: Source: SAP Recommend modeling iwth PAL – algorithms are implemented in server, where data resides, see much better performance Figure 3: Source: SAP PAL is for data scientists Credit card data, which customer is credit worthy (classification) Predicting house prices based on characteristics such as # of rooms, using regression Cluster similar customers to do targeted marketing …

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How random are random numbers

The article is meant for software developers that use random numbers in their code; and brings out the perspective that there are different “types” of random numbers. In machine learning and statistics, we make use of random numbers for doing a variety of things, such as initializing learning parameters, or for generating sample data. Although we do get “random” numbers, sometimes the type of “randomness” matters for the application we …

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Digital Data Analysis is Affecting Us All – in the Business World and in Politics…

Check out my 9.27.17 blog post on LinkedIn  – Innovations like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things aren’t just affecting the business world…  Data Science…   elections influenced…    Russians targeted hotbutton issues in Facebook Ads…     34 of the 100 Senate seats are up for reelection in November 2018…      

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10 STARTUPS, 10 DIGITAL SOLUTIONS for SAP Customers – Machine Learning webinars by SAP.iO

Agile and innovative startups expand the SAP ecosystem in the field of Machine Learning – Find out how in our webinars!   SAP.iO Startup Program supports startups in the development and provision of innovative solutions or SAP customers. It`s objective is to identify new solutions from new technology trends to foster the digital transformation of our customers. The current accelerator in Berlin will provide mentorship and access to SAP’s application programming …

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