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Understanding difference between productive vs Preview edition of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service for Development & Operations

We have been asked so many times on what is difference between SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services productive and preview subscription, how to get access to it, when one should be used, what are advantages of preview over productive and so on. this blog answers all these queries. Let me first brief you on SAP Cloud Platform Mobile service (SCPms) for Development & Operations, The SAP Cloud Platform, mobile Service …

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Uploading Hybrid app offline store files to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services for further analysis

This blog is in continuation with , here my intention is upload Offline DB files from a hybrid (kapsel) application itself to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services (this can be done for on-premise SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 as well) Here, I am running my project on an iPhone emulator.  (make sure you are done with all per-requisites as mentioned here)     Steps: 1. App on-boarding in SAP Cloud …

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currently best kept mobile secret ….. SAP Content to Go

With SAP Content to Go users can mobilize any content available to them in a Fiori Overview pageby simply clicking on the option “Add to Mobile”.         Once they have registered their SAP Content 2 Go application to the service the cards the users mobilized will show up in their application. The Card will show the same data and will use the same Fiori elements as the Launch …

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Getting started with the SAP Enterprise Application Modeler

So, what is the SEAM? I was reading with interest the recent blogs from Martin Grasshoff, Lisa Haag and Sue Berry about the new tools that are being made available by SAP to generate native iOS applications using a rapid, code free, modelling approach. Ideally, the business can work with these tools and “describe” their application. This information can then be turned into a native mobile application through a code generation process. Developing applications using a metadata …

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how to use es4 for development with the SAP Cloud Platform mobile services

If you need more than just the ESPM service which we made available in the mobile services, than you can use the es4 Demo Gateway as a OData source for your development. To add the es4 as a data source into the mobile services do the following steps: Sign in to your SAP Cloud Platform trial account: Open the following tutorial to check if you have a user on …

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Using the SAP Cloud Platform UserAPI in Mobile Services Development & Operations

Overview The SAP Cloud Platform UserAPI provides a service which can be used to access details of the logged in user.  The details of this service can be found at This service is available to html5 applications running on the Cloud Platform.  For an example of utilizing it in a html5 application see Using the SAP HCP User API in SAP Web IDE To utilize this service in a …

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How to add push capabilities to your mobile HTML5/SAPUI5 app with Fiori Mobile

If you have an SAPUI5 app mobilised using SAP Cloud Platform (CP) mobile service for SAP Fiori, commonly called Fiori Mobile, you can also add push capabilities to it. But if you did not read my first article, go back there and read it, otherwise you will feel something is missing: How to mobilize your HTML5/SAPUI5 app with Fiori Mobile. In order to continue what we started in the previous blog …

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How to verify that the correct username is granted roles to access Mobile Services Admin cockpit

To set up access to Mobile Service for Development and Operations cockpit from a SAP Cloud Platform account, please refer to the product documentation on “Setting Up Customer Accounts”. When the SAP Cloud Platform account is switched from the use of Default SAP IdP to a custom Identity provider, access to the Mobile Service for Development and Operations cockpit results in a 403 error. The 403 error indicates that the …

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Content 2 Go lets you mobilize content without mobile development! TechEd Lecture of the Week

Next to the big news around the SAP and Apple partnership we also announced our new product “SAP Content to Go”. Sanjeet Mall showed in his session (MOB204: Supercharge the Power of Mobile Users to Consume Data from SAP S/4HANA) how to enable your users to mobilize corporate data out of SAP S/4HANA or other systems with just a few clicks. We showed how to bring data from your corporate back-end software …

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