NW ABAP Business Rule Framework (BRFplus)

Basic BRFPlus example to confirm if an Employee is a Manager or not – Updated version

Greetings. The present blog is only the adaptation of another one I wrote before.   Unfortunately, changing consulting jobs gives farewell to a SCN account to welcome a new one at the new assignment. With that and not having a possibility that SAP consolidates content created by the same individual, or having access to old SCN accounts, do not allow to easily update blogs. Hopefully one day … one day. This is an update of blog: …

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Transport and include BRFplus objects to Transport request:

There are two scenarios in which we would be working on BRFplus object. Development of new BRFplus application Changes in already transported BRFplus application If I have selected storage type as System then In first case system will ask me for a transport request, then only i can proceed with creation. In second case system will not ask me for Transport request, it will allow me to make changes in …

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Hi All, This blog written to explain the usage and customisation of the BRFPLUS exclusively for Solution Manager Functionalities. In general we all are very aware of the BRFPLUS (Business Rule Framework), the flexibility offered in creating complex conditions and expressions. Myself being a Solution Manager consultant, write this blog explaining the extent to which this BRFPLUS can be customised and used for satisfying many complex requirements from the customers. …

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Update/synchronize Custom Database table based on Decision table rows while activation in BRF+ using Application Class exit

Scenario:  Business analysts or few users don’t have access to workbench to analyse the business data, So will get the Decision table data from BRF+ to Database table and displayed in a report/PDF. Similarly for the scenario like any changes done in the Decision table data  by the users needs to save in the DB table.i.e who have made the changes for further reference by doing small changes in code.   …

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Interface Data Validation – Power of BRF+

Interface Data Validation – Power of BRF+:   In every integration project we usually get requirement to validate data before posting/creating document in SAP system and we implement different type of solution based on requirement. I have recently designed Interface data validation framework in my project which is used across all interfaces. We have couple of solution to validate data before posting it in SAP, In this blog i would like to showcase …

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sitWDF – Connecting BRFplus to ABAP

Introduction This blog is a summary of my presentation at Sap Inside Track Walldorf about connecting SAPs rule engine BRFplus to an ABAP program, userexit or any other piece of runnable code in ABAP. The intention of this presentation is to point out the possibilities to dynamically call a function defined in BRF plus beside the standard approach to generate the necessary code to call a BRF function from ABAP. …

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Example to use Business Rule Framework plus

I just want to explain about this rule with an example. Every one has won rule or plan, or game. Anything wich a condition we can call it as rule. There are many rules in our life, which could be divided into 3 parts as I know, simple, medium or complex. SAP provides business rules framework to manage the business rules. BRF consists of UI, rules repository and a rules …

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BRFplus Basics – Handling of Amounts

Motivation In several scenarios when working with business rules you have to deal with amounts. BRFplus is well prepared for this task but when starting to work with BRFplus and modeling your first rules you might stumble across some pitfalls e. g. when trying to access a the currency of the amount or when using the amount in a procedure call. In addition, there are some performance aspects that you …

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BRFplus Basics – How to call a function

Motivation The usage of BRFplus and the implementation of rules is to some extent intuitive. Even if you are new to BRFplus you will be able to successfully model rules quite quickly. For sure some design decision might not be optimal on the first run but you will anyway be able to do your job. After that, some more craftmanship-like tasks have to be done namely calling your BRFplus function …

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