NW ABAP Integration Technology (ALE)

Integrating SAP’s IDOC Interface into AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Integrating SAP’s IDOC Interface into AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda There’s a saying that goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, and in the world of Enterprise Applicaiton Integrations, the lowly IDOC is certainly an Old Dog. For decades, SAP’s Intermediate Document or IDOC has been a mainstay of messaging integrations patterns. It’s durable, simple, widely supported and proven. The IDOC processing framework on SAP Netweaver platforms …

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Outbound IDoc: Status ’03’. Absolute Success? Not Necessarily!

Intro In outbound IDoc scenarios (mediated via SAP PI/PO or used in point-to-point integration), it is not unusual to witness situation when support team or application consultant checks generated IDoc in a sender ABAP system (for example, SAP ERP) using standard built-in IDoc monitoring tools (like transactions WE02, WE05 or BD87), examines IDoc’s status record verifying that its last status is ’03’ (“Data passed to port OK”) and provides a …

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IDoc Monitoring: Encryption of Field Contents of IDoc Segments

IDoc technology remains one of the commonly used techniques for integrating systems that are running on SAP Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP). In order to monitor processed IDocs in such scenarios, primarily SAP standard monitoring tools – like transactions WE02, WE05 or BD87 – are utilized. All these transactions provide extensive access to all IDoc’s records – control record, segment record and status record. The segment record of the IDoc …

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What does Canonical mean?

When we worked with iWay Consultants, they were using a word ‘Canonical‘. I didn’t know what canonical means! All right I’m not a native English speaker, but even one of our American coworkers asked them to learn what canonical is…   They were saying: “We would convert input file to canonical XML message.” “We will create a canonical XML message for Sales Orders, so all input interfaces will be converted …

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