NW ABAP Print and Output Management

New SAP Press book (E-bite series): BRFplus Output Type Management in SAP S/4HANA

As of S4/HANA we have a new way of managing Output Type Management (old NACE transaction) – using BRFPlus. Together with my two colleagues from Int4 – Michal Michalski and Krzysztof Luka we’ve decided to describe how does this new functionality work and show different options where it can be used (for example with output IDOCs, Ariba integration, SAP AIF Integration) SAP Press has published our book with it’s new format …

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Generating reports in SAP NetWeaver with FastReport (tutorial)- Part 2

Part 2: Output messages (print documents) Task: Build a print form of a purchase order and assign a document type “NB standard order” to it. Example: Preparation of a Data dictionary For PO output data we will create structures in ABAP dictionary. These structures will be used in a report designer as a data source. Run transaction SE11. Create and activate the following objects: Structure ZZPO_ITEM_S Table type ZZPO_ITEM_TT Structure …

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Generating reports in SAP NetWeaver with FastReport (tutorial)- Part 1

“Fast Report Inc” is a world – known company producing very fast and scalable reporting components for different platforms. Two years ago “Fast Report” presented a solution for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP based systems. The solution includes components for ABAP stack, SAP GUI for Windows and a dedicated server for report generation. In three parts of my blog I will demonstrate and examine the main development steps according to different …

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query for printer disabled

Problem: slow printing in SAP Symptoms: spool process shows ‘querying <printername>’ in SM50 process tracefile shows ‘Query for printer XXXX disabled for 300 seconds (query problems)’ process tracefile shows ‘Warning: lpq on printer XXXX took XX seconds!’ SM21 shows ‘Printer XXXX Temporarily Locked Due to Connection Problem’ Solution: Restart the SAPSprint and print spool service on the print server.

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Zebra Label Printing – Configuration in SAP

Hi All, This document explains the ways to configure Zebra label Printer in your SAP System. Step by step instructions are given to ease the configuration process. Zebra Printers are mostly used to have a label printing. Once you select the respective printer which will be suitable for your requirements then follow the process for configuration in SAP. Step 1 : Have the following details handy for the hassle free …

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Printing a Barcode through SAP Script

Hi All,      I am Trying to print a bar code via sap script. we are using oki data dot matrix printer. When i try to print the bar code is not printing but in print preview the bar code is appearing. for that i created a custom device type and assign bar code to that device type and created a suffix and prefix assigned the print controls to that …

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How to recognize a PDF file generated from smartform(sapscript),ABAP list or ADS form

Sometimes customer is getting a PDF file in SAP system,but he is not aware of where the PDF file comes from.How we can recognize it? 1.Open the PDF file with any text editor. 2.You can see the below contents. •SAPSCRIPT&SMARTFORM:         /Author (I033461 )        /CreationDate (D:20150526082600)        /Creator (Form BC470_DATAS EN)———–>This is the form name        /Producer (SAP NetWeaver 731 ) •ABAP List           /Author (I033461 )           /CreationDate …

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SAPPDFPrint does not work due to patch level compatibility issues

SAPPDFPrint is used for printing PDF spool requests using front-end printing (access method G) or SAPSprint (access method S).  PDFPrint is therefore installed on your local PC with method G, or is installed on your Windows SAPSprint print server when printing with method S. The patch level of SAPPDFPrint you use is dependent on the SAPGUI patch level or the SAPSprint patch level.  So when you print with method G, …

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Barcodes in SAP with the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript Updated and Also Available in JavaScript

Background Summary Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript Update 1) Updated postscript device types Standalone device types updated Server side update Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScript 1) Node.js web service on OpenShift 2) ICM, BWIPJS and Phantomjs barcode method This blog focuses on using the open source project Barcode Writer in PostScript (BWIPP), also translated to JavaScript, with SAP and is based on PostScript device types and JavaScript services. The BWIPP …

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