NW Java Development Infrastructure (NWDI)

Adapter Module development in NWDI

Like it or not, as a PI/PO developer one will eventually face the need to develop certain custom Adapter Modules to fulfill specific customer requirements. So in this blog we are going to describe how this can be done in NWDS (SAP NetWeaver Development Studio) using NWDI (SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure). By doing this, custom java developments are secured in a center repository and can be shared with other developers …

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How to import SAP Projects into NWDI Track

What is NWDI? SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI). NWDI provides an infrastructure for developing Java-based applications on SAP NetWeaver and is responsible for versioning, build and the life cycle management of the applications. Its components are: Change Management Service (CMS) Design Time Repository (DTR) Component Build Service (CBS) System Landscape Directory (SLD) To import any projects into NWDI track, you need to do some initial configuration as follows: Initial Configuration: …

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Configuring JDK settings with NWDI

Disassembling the puzzle   Recently I realized that we receive more and more incidents where even despite very good product documentation, the problem is at the end with improperly configured JDK settings. In order to help our customers I thought it’s time to write a holistic blog post explaining how to configure NWDI that supports development for multiple track releases (which determines the JDK versions at the same time).   …

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How to add SC dependency to another SC

Overview The purpose of the wiki is to describe the steps that an individual should go through in order to add a Software Component as a dependency to another Software Component. Procedure 1. Navigate to SLD via http://hostname:port/sld and choose Software Components under Software Catalog as shown below 2. Find the SC to which you would like to add a dependency and select the Dependencies tab. From the Context drop …

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Define an older JDK as the default for Build in NWDI 7.x

We recently migrated from NWDI installed within a Solution Manager JAVA stack (BIG NO NO) to a new NWDI instance on NW 7.4 JAVA.  In our scenario – an upgrade was not an option.  Also – we still have active development in a NW 7.0 Enterprise Portal environment so the default JDK with NW 7.4 NWDI was too high.  Here are the steps required (with screenshots) on how to change …

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NWDI vs. NWDI content

Intro Very often customers are confused regarding the Release and SP version of NWDS, Local AS (local test server), NWDI, SLD and the Runtime Systems. This blog intends to clarify how to deal with versions. Big Picture I am going to start with an abstract picture so at this point we are only talking about versions (VER) and then I detail the Release version and the SP version as we …

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Installing and Configuring the Netweaver Development Infrastructure 7.X Environment.

Applies to:           SAP NetWeaver 7.X  (Custom Development & Unified Life-Cycle Management) SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.X Summary       This guide describes step-by-step how to setup an NWDI track to develop new composite applications for the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (CE) platform. This guide will focuses on what you will need to set up new Development environment and software components for development with CE 7.X and their dependencies, and …

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How to setup NWDI with CM Services and CTS+ for Process Orchestration

Challenge At one of our customer we had to set up SAP Process Orchestration together with CTS+ for transporting both PI/SLD and BPM objects and together with NWDI for storing and administering the sources and builds. Target was to use CM Services instead of CMS. I was looking for a proper guide, however was only successful to find the following good blog from Devendra Singh Soni. Unfortunately this blog was …

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Release activity using the cmstool

Intro Often I can see that MII customers are having problem with the transport cycle, since releasing an activity is not offered by the MII User Interface but this action has to be carried out either using NWDS or the cmstool. In order to avoid the installation of a huge 1GB Developer Studio there is a simple way of releasing activities using the cmstool. This is what I intend to …

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