PLM Document Management System (DMS)

SAP Product Lifecycle Management on WhatsApp

I am very excited to announce that WhatsApp channel is officially released for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This platform has been added to the current Social Media portfolio where SAP Product Support has presence and is actively participating in such as Twitter or Facebook in order to promote the most important, useful documentation for SAP products. Everyone can subscribe and will be able to receive the latest technical documentation (newest SAP Notes and KBAs …

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SAP DMS linkage: Unable to open attached document

Abstract: While linking Documents via DMS to BW for reporting purposes, the major issue faced by the client is not being able to open all the documents linked to BW line items. Where there can be many issues with respect to design, data availability and other, one peculiar issue is the registry settings. Introduction: Documents relevant to invoices and purchase order were to be displayed when accessed from their relevant …

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1. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM   1.1 PURPOSE   Avoid data redundancy   Maintain consistency of data   Minimize the workload in entering and updating the data   Exchange data quickly & securely   Find documents using parameters   Reduce Access time   ISO (9000 to 9006) requires strict & high performance document management system. SAP Document Management meets all these complex requirements. In addition to managing documents, it also coordinates …

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Avoid storage of Attachments in SAP Office tables (SOOD, SOFM, SOC3, SOFFCONT1) & Store it on OpenText Archive Server

Many times storing Attachments, notes.etc.etc can consume SAP office database table space which needs to be cleaned up very often. To avoid storage of GOS menu items store the SAP office tables and store them in OpenText Archive server we can use SGOSATTR table to configure custom class with custom code to store attachment items to OpenText Content Server. This blog provides the idea how it can be achieved. Currently, …

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GOS Attachment List is in Active or do not display Attachments:

This problem is because SAP does not checks for all published application objects whether there are attachments or not. In order to make the SAP check this. In TC->SM 30 use the table SXPARAMS. Create new  Parameter: GOS_ATTA_CHECK_ALL  with Value: X   Before the attaching a file that Attachment List is empty  for Purchase Order “4500017510”, as there is either are no above parameter placed in the SXPARAMS or no …

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API to add an original to an Existing DIR

Salut mon amis !! I recently struggled to add an original to an existing DIR in a custom program . After a lot of debugging I finall got through it. Here is the sample code to achieve it . Hope it helps someone struggling on the same. API Interface : IV_FILE_CONTENT TYPE /PRD1/S_DIR_ATTACH-FILE_CONTENT IV_FILE_NAME TYPE /PLMB/FILEP IV_FILE_SIZE TYPE /PRD1/S_DIR_ATTACH-FILE_SIZE IV_DIR_DESC TYPE DKTXT IV_FILE_STOR_CATEG TYPE SDOK_STCAT IS_DIR_KEY TYPE /PLMB/S_DIR_ID ET_MESSAGE TYPE …

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Configurations for Full text search indexing in SAP DMS

Dear All, I would like to share the information on TREX search engine configuration “Document search with in original”where many people gets an issue while configuration. This document will help us to check the basic settings required to activate the “text search with in original”. Basically the “Text search will be inactive” as shown below. To activate the text search within original do the following settings: Go to maintain search …

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Attaching document to MIGO object link via CV01 (DMS)

Requirement: 1.       In standard SAP, the functionality of attaching document to MIGO object link is not available. 2.       Attach documents to material document number so that in MIGO display the user can retrieve the same. Step 1: a.       The material document number should be entered in to description field of CV01N b.       For example if 5000083433 is the GRN document then you should enter the same as highlighted below c.        …

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Digital Signature corruption in SAP PLM 7.x, case #3

Introduction This blog describes a very specific condition where a digital signature corruption can occur. As far as I know the bug exists in all SAP PLM 7.x systems out there leveraging digital signatures. Before you continue, you might want to familiarize yourself with Digital Signatures in SAP PLM 7.x. I reported the problem described in this blog to SAP support 5/14/15 but the handling of the customer incident could …

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