PLM Variant Configuration

Objects dependencies and their association in Variant Configuration

Managing object dependencies and their associated objects is essential for successful variant configuration and classification functionality. Situations involving long and intertwined networks, complex configurable products, multilevel BOMs, and series of tasks or operations should have correct assignment of dependencies to control the business process. A foolproof and technical approach to ensure correct relationship between dependencies and their objects can be time-saving and confidence building to the VC community. Experiential learning …

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10th Annual Variant Configuration Info Day 2017

The 10th Variant Configuration Info Day 2017, which took place in Sankt Leon-Rot, was a great demonstration of what the future brings, and how we manage to remain up-to-date when everything is changing so fast. The event was fully booked, with more than 250 participants and all of them already confirmed their participation for next year’s Info Day. The event’s keynote was held by Johann Dornbach, VP for Variant Configuration, …

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Yet another way to hide characteristics in VC

In this blog, I am going to explain how to hide some characteristics which are no longer relevant because of some value in other characteristic. Though this topic has been discussed here by Ritesh Dube  and working perfectly when we write the dependency at Configuration Profile level, I felt it is not working correctly when you assign the dependency to the characteristic.   My example is based on a car configuration process …

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Always a Step Ahead: Live Engineering and Variant Configuration in an Individualized Market

Product lifecycle management (PLM) has primarily been linear – product design and engineering were followed by manufacturing, service, and finally disposal. But linear PLM in the traditional sense is outdated, basically due to today’s more and more competitive and fast-paced markets. An increasing demand for product individualization, shortened design cycles, and the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) networks are all challenging manufacturers and their traditional processes. In particular today’s …

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Variant Configuration : Another way to hide characterstic

Purpose: In this write up I am trying to define how to use structure SCREEN_DEP  in reference characteristic to influence display options for other characteristics.   Scenario:   While settings up your VC model you may come across one of below scenarios   Hide few characteristic based upon value selected for another characteristic Make a characteristic not ready for input (just  display) Make characteristic “Ready for input”  which is originally …

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