SAP Access Control for SAP S/4HANA

Access control in SAP HANA CDS views

In this Blog we will discuss access control feature provided for CDS views and how to restrict access to users depending on certain parameters/fields. This CDS view can then be used for Analytics/Reporting for example using BOBJ and utilizing the PFCG authorizations within SAP. The following image captures a basic CDS view created with few fields from the central Simple Finance table ACDOCA. This CDS view was created using ABAP …

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How to connect BOC to on-premise HANA Systems via Apache Reverse Proxy

Business Object Cloud allow user to add and get data from On-premise HANA,Apache reverse proxy configuration is required to get data from hana. Prerequisites, Business Object Cloud,( Typical BOC URL uses the following format: <YourCustomDomain>.<region> ) SAP HANA SPS10, revision 102.2 or above Apache HTTP Server 2.4.20 or above SAP HANA Info Access Service (InA) v2 SAP HANA Info Access and appropriate role (INA_USER) and privileges to access the HANA …

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All About The AI And Analytics Integrated By SAP In Its Latest Cloud Release

SAP, the market leading provider of complex on-premise ERP solutions for global organizations is known for its robust frameworks and customization functionality. The company has recently ventured out into the cloud-empowered applications market, launching revolutionary AI and integrated analytic tools. Empowering high end applications of AI such as gaming, weather forecasting, analytics, aviation, etc., SAP’s cloud enabled technologies are the way ahead for businesses. Read on to know more about …

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SAP’s Next Generation HANA Platform Targets Digital Transformation

SAP has been the pioneer in terms of furthering the advancement of ERPs, by leveraging better computing technologies. No wonders, then, that SAP continues to be seen as the market mover in the ERP space. Not only has the German company changed the dynamics of ERP market by regularly adding upgrades to its products, but also has showcased a focused attention towards continually improving and reinventing itself. On November 30, …

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