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Master Data Inconsistency ( Forecast Release from DP to SNP )

Issue: Sometime’s during Forecast Transfer from DP to SNP, for few location-product combinations Forecast may not get released. Reason being, Deletion indicator was set or there was no Product – Location ( MatLoc )  available. Planners can identify the same from the Forecast Release job log. But Planners will be more happy if they come to know before the release of forecast instead of post forecast release. Reason Being, Planners, …

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Component missing in SNP PDS

Hi, Most of the time, when an SNP PDS is transferred from ECC to APO system, the PDS in APO has components missing. Make sure that the following checks are done 1) Component is already present in an active integration model 2)The component is relevant for planning in APO . In MM03 , check MRP2 tab, and make sure that the “MRP type” field is relevant for planning in APO …

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Capacity Requirements Invalid & Bucket capacity requirements in invalid

Hi, There are errors often during the transfer of orders with regard to the capacity 1)Capacity requirements Invalid 2) Bucket capacity requirement has incorrect value You must first identify the basic difference between these two errors: 1) Capacity requirement invalid: – When Time continuous capacity is used in resource – OM error is 144 (INVALID_CAP_DEMAND) – The error is raised when value entered for the CAPACITY_DEMAND field of table CAP_REQ_STR …

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Setup group in APO PDS

Hi, There is some most frequently faced issue with setup groups that is not being populated correctly in APO PDS. The below is the standard scenario how the system works: System Setup: 1) You have created recipe in ECC system with operations and phases. The operation has setup group maintained in it and the phase has setup group in the setup activity which turns to be sequence dependent setup activity …

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APOKZ field in MRP area

Hi, You find inconsistencies with the field APOKZ between the tables MARC and MDMA, where this field is set in MARC table but not in MDMA table though the MRP type for the material is relevant for planning in APO. Even RAPOKZFX report will not be able to fix these inconsistencies. The field MDMA:APOKZ will not be changed by RAPOKZFX report. This report only works with MARC table for material …

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Hint: deactivating Parallel Processing during debug of PSM engine

It is common that sometimes users of PSM (Planning Service Manager) engine into the APO environment needs to debug it. However, in case Parallel Processing is active in the Process Profile of the corresponding service, the breakpoints set will not be reached. This occurs because the Parallel Processing carries the execution in a random Work Process of another server different than the one you are logged in. In order to …

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Live cache backup in HANA

This is document is helpful to Create Live Cache Backup in HANA. Scenario 1:  APO on HANA database. Scenario 2: APO on SQL/Oracle database(other than HANA). Please follow the below steps to create LiveCache backup in HANA: Step1: Replication Model by using Transaction /SAPAPO/REPL_MOD_VIE. Click on ‘New Entries’ button Give name for  Replication Model ID and Description. Choose Planning Book, Data View, Planning Version, Secondary Database Connection and Selection ID …

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How to do Selective Deletion of Time Series Data in SAP APO

Problem – While working on an issue related to data loaded from Legacy systems to APO DP Sales History Key Figure, it was observed that lot of items have the data in Future which should not be the case ideally. (Some places it may be possible to have them due to business requirements but not generally). Analysis – After much de-bugging & analysis it’s found that the cube from where …

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LiveCache locking for SNP planning area

This article explains the use of “Activate Livecache lock” in a custom SNP planning area. Background We faced below issue after APO upgrade from version 7.0 to version 7EHP2. A number of SNP copy  jobs  /SAPAPO/RTSCOPY  started failing . SAP informed that locking logic has been improved for SNP (note  1318667 – Incorrect lock entry for SNP aggregate 9AMALO). In our case the note got implemented as a part of …

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