SAP Advantage Database Server

ADS Version Matrix and Download

Since the switch from SCN to 1DX, the main page of Advantage Database Server are no more existing, but you can still search for the old documents, blogs and questions in the archive of 1DX. If you are looking for the Version Matrix of Advantage Database Server, you can open this blog. The Product Download is still t find at the Launchpad. Select at the top menu Download and insert “Advantage …

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ADS 12: error 7216 SQL Statement Limit Exceeded

Symptom Error 7216 SQL Statement Limit Exceeded Environment SAP Advantage Database Server 12.x Cause The configured SQL statement limit was exceeded. Beginning with v12 of Advantage, the default number of SQL statements that a connection can obtain at a given time is 50. Resolution It is possible to increase or disable the limit for a given connection by executing the SQL statement sp_SetStatementLimit. Note that this must be executed on …

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Official ADS for Windows 10 & Delphi 10.1 Berlin?

Hi SAP Team,      Feel free to correct any misconceptions I may have..           I note in the SAP Roadmap reference to ADS 12.0 SPs having certification with Windows 10 and comparability with Delphi XE9 and future versions.      D10.1 Berlin – ADS has been compatible with D10 Seattle for some time now and Joachim has published directions for getting the components installed into D10.1 Berlin (Thanks Joachim).       …

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Regarding Delphi 10.1 support for ADS

Currently, there are no plans for Delphi 10.1 support, but I will log an enhancement request for Engineering. Please let me via a short answer of this posting know, which customers/companies have interest for the Delphi 10.1 support in the near future, so we can give the correct priority for this request.

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How to adjust the ALS user – and connection numbers correctly

Open ADSLocal.cfg and change the user number in the range you need. ; Advantage Local Server DLL configuration file ; ; The Advantage Local Server DLL reads this configuration file when the ; DLL is loaded. Values input after the keyword and equal sign are used to ; configure the DLL. If no value is inserted after a keyword and equal sign, ; the default is used. This file must …

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How to Install SAP Advantage Database Server

Installation of the Advantage Database Server version 11.10.x on a Windows Operation System. Easy change afterwards of the user license on a test system Locate the Serial Number and the Validation Code in an already installed Advantage Database Server Release. Goals:     – Learn how the installation of the Advantage Database Server works    – Learn how easy the handle of the additional application from the Advantage Database Server is Check the …

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HTTPS Certificate issue on

Since few days, the SSL certificate on is expired. We are currently in the process to renew the existing certificate, however it’s the first time that domain is being registered with SAP’s certifying authority. This is the cause why it takes a little bit time, until we can renew the certificate, but the website is still working.

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