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how to re index a single table by running report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX

Here is a note about the report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX. 1789310 – How to run report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX At BW 7.3 or higher, we can reindex every type of table, S/X/Y/T/P, by running the report. But at BW 7.0, it does not work like it is at BW 7.3. We can reindex S table by running the report directly. Index of X and Y table is rebuild with S table index rebuilding. In …

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BWA Only InfoCube: Data Persistency Only in BWA

Hi Friends, I would like to share a small information regarding Indexing DSO data in the BWA. System Version: SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SAP BWA 7.20 Requirement: Some time we faced performance problem in reporting while reporting on top of DSO data. If we have BWA on top of our SAP NetWeaver, we can leverage the benefit of BWA, indexing DSO data on BWA. Here I will explain how to index …

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Configuration Steps for BW application to BWA setup

This document speak about the Configuration Steps for connecting a Newly built BW application server to the BWA. We already have document that speaks on the BWA configuration and Troubleshooting released by SAP and that is very good – but here in this document, we would be emphasizing on the network connectivity, IP address requirements and some technical information that generally does not make in a generic document. 1> Overview …

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BWA General Performance Optimization Session

Hi all, I have given my first Meet the Experts session related to BWA, after over 4 years of experience working with it. My experience goes from delivering onsite services to customers, to working constantly on customer’s incidents remotely. Therefore, I am looking forward to share all my experience acquired during these years with you. So if you are interested in getting more knowledge related to BWA, go ahead and …

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Rollup failure due to Master Data not yet indexed

If you are encountering repeated rollup failures. There are several steps you can do to research this. If the rollup is failing on a “master data not yet indexed” error, then 1) Check for any failed attribute change runs.  If there are any, these need to be corrected first. 2) Check  the application log for the master data daemon indexing job. Run T-code SLG1 with: Object:  RSDDTREX Subobject:  TAGGRFILL Ext. …

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How to Analyze BW Queries in TCODE RSRT

Hi, Below follows essential SAP notes while analyzing, troubleshooting BW OLAP queries in RSRT. – Troubleshooting: Query Results Issues: SAP Note: 1591837 – How to analyze query results Highlighted Points: [I] Introduction/Summary [II] Query Monitor (RSRT) [II.a] Technical Information & Special Features [II.b] Execute & Debug [II.c] Key Figure Definition [III] Query Simplification [IV] Comparing Query Result with InfoProvider Data (LISTCUBE) Check link Transaction RSRT – SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse …

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Rollup in BW

Hello, I have just created a SAP note that relates with the steps to create a rollup in BWA. As you all may know If new data packages (requests) are loaded into the InfoCube, they are not immediately available for Reporting via an aggregate/BWA index. To provide the aggregate/BWA index with the new data from the InfoCube, you must first load the data into the aggregate/BWA index tables/indexes at a …

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Latest BWA Notes Released 1st Quarter 2014

Hi, Below follows the latest BWA notes released for the 1st quarter of 2014: SAP Note: 1873477 – Check BWA SettingsHighlighted points: For testing reasons the BWA functions FEMS Compression, DimFn cache and data reading in “chunks” can now get switched off in RSRT. This SAP note comes with an ABAP correction SAP Note: 1887499 – BWA7.00 & 7.20 : the data encryption in BWA Highlighted points: Access possibilities on …

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BWA Best Practices, How to, Troubleshooting Notes

As the best practice for BWA it is always important to be at the most recent revision of BWA. SAP notes below clearly mention that: SAP KBA: 1845809 – Latest Revision for BWA 7.20 SAP KBA: 1856857 – Latest Revision for BWA 7.00 Unlike for ABAP systems, the implementation of local fixes with small “Advanced Correction” is not possible for BWA. Instead, all changes get delivered in new Revisions. Normally …

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