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Available Now – Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for SAP Cloud Appliance Library

We are happy to share with you that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now available as additional infrastructure provider for our SAP CAL Solution catalog. Starting November 13, SAP S/4HANA fully activated including best practice content can be deployed in GCP with the same ease of use that you have seen so far for our long standing cloud providers. Once more we extend our offering in SAP CAL by providing …

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SAP Cloud Appliance Library now supports Azure Resource Manager

Hello Folks, I am glad to share the good news that now you can use the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library when you create an instance. We recommend to start using Azure Resource Manager instead of the classic deployment as ARM is also the recommendation of Microsoft Azure. For more information about these deployment models, see this Microsoft article.   How to create your first instance on ARM? …

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How to increase the quota for your subscription in Microsoft Azure portal?

If you have the following error message in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library when you deploy a solution instance in the Microsoft Azure cloud provider: The subscription policy limit for resource type 'Total Regional Cores' was exceeded. The limit for resource type 'Total Regional Cores' is 4 per subscription, the current count is 0, and the requested increment is 17. The subscription policy limit for resource type 'Standard Dv2 Family …

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How to Keep an Expiring Trial Instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library

This blog explains how you could continue using your trial instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL) beyond the trial period. So if you are at the end of your trial and you consider to continue your evaluation or to extend it to a PoC or a customer demo please read the following information that would help you not to get stuck upon the trial expiration.   The Two Prerequisites …

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How to reduce costs for SAP S/4HANA 1610, Fully-Activated Appliance

Good news for the holidays, we have just released the new SAP S/4HANA 1610, Fully-Activated Appliance solution. It comes with two new features in SAP Cloud Appliance Library. If you want to optimize the costs for this solution, you can do it by not activating the optional virtual machines for this solution. The procedure for optimizing the costs for this solution is simple: In SAP Cloud Appliance Library, choose Solutions. Choose Create Instance for the SAP …

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FAQ Solution Types and Charging Model

How do the SAP CAL Solution Types listed in the Key Concepts in SAP CAL Documentation relate to SAP CAL charging model? Which costs will I face for running a solution?   In general we offer two kinds of solutions: Free solutions that come with community support and require only a cloud provider account Solutions that are fully supported and are run with a SAP CAL subscription and a product …

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Search not working in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SAP CAL instances, with fix

Hello, we have discovered an issue with the Search functionality in the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 solutions “SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Design and Build in your SAP S/4HANA Planning Phase” and “SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Test Drive Content Activation of a Customer’s Own Documentation.” This issue affects all instances created from these two SAP Solution Manager 7.2 solutions. You may see errors such as “Cannot determine HANA version for connection …

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SAP Cloud Appliance Library Roadmap Webcast Notes

This was a session from earlier today (June 30).  These are my rough notes. The usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change. Source: SAP Source: SAPHome pageEntry pointSpeeds up processTest drive process Source: SAP Top uses for today Source: SAP Source: SAP SAP said this was a quote from a customer from last week. Source: SAP SAP Mentor Chris Rae and his family use …

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