SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

New Roadmap for SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services available

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services enables customers and partners to develop, extend, and run enterprise-grade mobile applications. The new SAP product road map for SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services is now available here. It gives an overview of the most recent innovations for SAP’s mobile technology offering on SAP Cloud Platform and provides an outlook on future plans covering: SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services: Mobile back-end services SAP Cloud Platform SDK for …

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What’s New in the mobile development kit 2.0 (formerly SAP Enterprise App Modeler)

I am happy to announce that a new version of the Mobile development kit is available for download (client) and already available in SAP Web IDE (editor).   With the latest release of the mobile development kit, there are many changes to be aware of.  In this blog, I’ll discuss all the new features and changes in the mobile development kit.  The first change I’ll mention is the name change.  …

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Fiori Mobile: Resources

Fiori Mobile Many of the Fiori Mobile specific blogs were written by Britt Womelsdorf, such as this introduction and this guide to building apps directly from Web IDE. There is also a guide to deployment. In March 2017 Britt updated us on some new features, such as launchpad apps with multiple tiles. Britt maintains a list of resources too.  Mark Wright has written about how to add offline capability to …

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Fiori Mobile: Practical Tips

Setup Cloud Connector If you are using Gateway (rather than OData Provisioning) you may need to set the trust flag for the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) dispatcher (in the Principle Propagation section).  The Fiori Mobile project might be the first time you have used app-to-app SSO. We had a 401 error when our offline app began to sync and it was resolved by checking this one checkbox.   Develop …

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Fiori Mobile: Overview

A few weeks ago we went live with a mobile app built using the Mobile Service for SAP Fiori (a.k.a. Fiori Mobile).  I wanted to share my experiences as well as giving some practical tips and also making some suggestions to SAP for new features and improvements.  I’ve also written some notes about designing a Fiori Mobile app.  To begin the story we need a little background…. What are hybrid …

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Fiori Mobile: Design notes

Offline If an app is to support offline use, it must be in the design from the very beginning.  It is not something which can easily be added later on. SAP’s recommended approach for Fiori web apps is to make the front end (UI5 app) as simple as possible by pushing complexity into the OData service.  One advantage of this approach is that changes to the business logic do not …

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Fiori Mobile: Comments and Suggestions

I know that SAP are always looking to improve their products and so I thought I would share some comments and suggestions for Fiori Mobile (and related products): Download of apps from Mobile Place is slow, even with the Content Delivery Network (CDN) enabled.  It’s dramatically slower than the public app stores, even on the 2nd and subsequent download. It’s very restrictive to only be able to package an app …

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Hackathon SAP Connect 2017

Part of the SAP Connect 2017 (SAP’s annual summit for partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland with more than 1300 participants) which took place in Francfort this week, an Hackathon was organized. The only requirements we set for the teams where the following: Teams of 3 to 4 members with expert knowledge in native Apple IOS development Good understanding of APIs (ODATA and REST) It’s worth to mention from the …

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