SAP Commercial Project Management

Do you really want to implement SAP CPM as PMIS tool?

Recently I lead SAP CPM 2.0 Implementation for Professional Services Business in Dallas, Texas. I was responsible for defining complete PMIS Solution using SAP PS, CPM and MRS. We just completed 1st Phase of Project where we implemented CPM and PS. I am writing this blog to share our insights from current CPM implementation with SAP Functional experts and Customer. What is CPM? Commercial Project Management (CPM), In 2014, SAP …

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BOPF Working on Delegated nodes

Introduction Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) is an infrastructure available for SAP Business Suite to simplify the development process of business applications. Many modules of SAP such as Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Transport Management, Commercial Project Management are designed based on BOPF framework. With this framework the developer can concentrate more on the business logic rather than the development of application infrastructure such as authorization control, buffer management etc. …

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ITIL, PRINCE2/PMBoK, SAP Activate and all these fancy tools for big SAP projects (transitions and transformations)

Some time after: I would like to come back with update of my study on change management in big SAP Projects. Talking with many colleagues we realized that with so many fancy methods and tools now we observe still troubles on many projects. In my opinion a cause of it is at least a lack of understanding of some methods and tools and consequently they are mixed up and …

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How Task Reminders Can Save You From Project Management Blunders

Operational efficiency is a hot topic in the business world. Companies are looking to organize themselves as best as possible and streamline their processes for maximum efficiency. This is why project management is so vital for all modern business organizations. Businesses have created structures where they have project managers who are in charge of overlooking and organizing processes and employees and empowered them with project management tools through which they …

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SAP Commercial Project Management for Engineering & Construction

Project Controls plays a crucial role in managing Engineering or Construction projects. A comparison of plan and actual with respect to progress and cost helps to identify potential problems in a timely manner so that corrective actions can be taken. A missing effective project controlling leads to bad surprises, project cost-overruns and project delays. Practically every organization that manages large projects has a certain history of projects that went terribly …

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ITIL and SAP rollouts with lack of Project Management

I can hear and observe that some SAP projects – especially ERP rollouts – are handled solely ITIL-wise means as some kind of bunch of new services. The charge of ITIL for SAP project is of course very good and worth of appreciation but that is definitely not sufficient as ITIL obviously isn’t project management method and SAP implementation – even the smallest one – is a project. I see …

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Recording and slides of consultant and partner infosession on Feature Package 01 for CPM 2.0

Please find the recording of the consultant and partner infosession on Feature Package 01 for CPM 2.0 under the following link:   The slides are here (available until December 13th 2016)

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SAP Commercial Project Management for SAP S/4HANA

Since February 2nd 2016 SAP Commercial Project Management is available as an extension for SAP S/4HANA. SAP Commercial Project Management addresses in particular the needs of companies that need to manage customer projects or capital investment projects.   Within their digitial transformation companies need to digitize their core business processes. In the project business today many companies are still quite far away from representing their project related data and processes …

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