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BCM SQL databases guide for beginners

With default installation you will have eight BCM databases and two databases for Microsoft Reporting Services. It is good to know what you have in every database to help you with troubleshooting and administration. BCM databases have pretty straight forward databases and table names, so if you look at them, you probably understand what data is in there. However, I hope my examples will help you to start learning about …

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How to let BCM reports to work for you

From previous blogs posts with Agur Koort you learned how to create BCM reports with the advanced Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) tool or with the more simplified Report Builder. In this article, I will show you how you can save time handling BCM reports. It seems that most BCM users and supervisors are not using the reporting and analysis tool that SAP BCM provides and I think I know …

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Creating BCM custom reports in Report Builder

Introduction In my last blog post “How to start with BCM custom reports” I wrote about how to start creating custom reports with more advanced Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) tool. However reporting website installation also includes Report Builder 3.0 (RB3), which is easy to use tool for BCM managers/supervisors to create some simple reports or edit standard reports. To set it up, you need to ask rights to use …

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How to start with BCM custom reports

Introduction Besides of standard reports, there is possibility to create custom reports to meet customer needs. SAP BCM reports are based on Microsoft Reporting and Analysis services, so you will find lot of information about these from Internet, but this guide provides simple steps how to create custom reports for SAP BCM system. Tools For creating custom reports you can use powerful tool SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). …

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How to reset BCM.Admin password

If you somehow forgot your BCM.Admin user password and you don’t have any other administrator user, then you can reset the password using SQL Managment Studio. Under Configuration database you will see AuthLogin table. Click on it with right mouse and choose “Edit Top 200 Rows”. Delete the password and hit enter. Log into System Configurator using BCM.Admin and blank password and systems asks to insert new password.

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innovaphone V10 phones are compatible with SAB BCM

innovaphone V10 phones have been tested and have passed the SAP BCM compatibility requirements. The phones have been declared compatible with SAP BCM 7 SP5. More details can be found on the BCM compatibility list. innovaphone have approved SAP BCM as an engineered product (see attached innovaphone_BCM7_cert.pdf). More information can be found on

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Yealink announced its compatibility with SAP BCM in their press release

Yealink has joined the SAP BCM technology partner program and certified their T-2X series phones, T-3X series phones and the VP530 phone as comptible with SAP BCM. The phones were added to the SAP BCM 7 SP4 compatibility list in April 2013. Yealink’s press release can be found here Please contact for more info about Yealink phones or to find a local Yealink representative.

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Did you ever wonder what the difference is between preview, progressive and predictive dialing?

Have you ever been looking for a description about the different types of outbound dialers and campaign execution? There are many terms around but you can basically put any outbound dialer into at least one of the following categories. Most products (like SAP Business Communications Management) even provide more than just one type of dialer. The simplest type of outbound dialing is the CRM-based call list execution (aka Manual Call …

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Frost & Sullivan Presents Customer Value Enhancement Award to SAP

We have been very excited to see all the information and best practices sharing on this SAP Business Communications Management (SAP BCM) community site. We all want to thank you for your contributions. Our goal is to deliver contact centers that “Wow” and now we have some exciting news to share with you. Frost & Sullivan presented SAP Business Communications Management with the 2012 North America Customer Value Enhancement Award …

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