SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio

Resolved: After converting a VS project that uses Crystal Reports to VS2010, the VS interface continually asks to convert the project every time you load it.

If visual studio continually asks to convert an already converted project every time you load it, there is likely a text reference left in the project somewhere still pointing to the old version of crystal.  This can be a file that was Not converted, or one the visual studio conversion tool inadvertently copied to an incorrect folder that you are not expecting.  To solve this download a good text file …

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Visual Studio Throws Error: There is no editor available for .rpt

This error is thrown if you double-click a crystal report in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer. The error is caused by a failure in the solution project file (extension csproj).    Close your solution and the use the “Find in Files” option in Visual studio on your project folder. Search for .rpt Below is an example; <EmbeddedResource Include=“ResourcesmycrystalReport.rpt“>       <Generator>CrystalDecisions.VSDesigner.CodeGen.ReportCodeGenerator</Generator>       <LastGenOutput>DHAReport.cs</LastGenOutput>       <SubType>Designer</SubType>      <==== Wrong entry     </EmbeddedResource> Remove the …

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How To: Parameters in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET

How to handle Crystal Reports Parameters in a .NET application created by Don Williams on February 16, 2016 3:16 PM   Purpose The documents applies to Crystal Reports 2011 and above and SAP Crystal Reports, Developer Version for Visual Studio .NET and .NET SDK for BI 4.x .NET SDK.   Overview Crystal Reports has three basic types of parameters and can be modified through the .NET SDK: Crystal Reports Parameter, …

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Installer fails on Dev machine

Machine is Windows 7 64Bit, 16GB RAM Visual Studio 2013 is the current environment, it still has VS 2010 installed. I found a link to CRforVS_13_0_16.exe and the advice that we need to run that to get the integration with Visual Studio. (BTW I tried to paste the original download URL here, the document editor doesn’t allow paste) When I run the executable as admin, it unpacks a lot of …

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Submit your Crystal Reports review, get a reward!

Hi everyone, I wanted to make our Crystal Reports customers on the SCN community aware of some great promotions we’ve got running right now with a few listing/review sites. Basically, if you leave a detailed review of Crystal Reports on one or all of these sites, they will reward you a gift card for your time.  This is open to customers only, no partners or employees.  All reviews are vetted …

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c# .NET Crystal Reports Connection method for SAP Business One running on HANA

Hello Friends, I leave this post about the connection method on a .NET c# project SAP Business One AddOn, of a report build in Crystal Report 13 and 11 who will be use in SAP Business One version for HANA, hope this will work for you like was for me. best Regards SAMPLE CODE:         public static bool buildCrystalReportAlmacen(int strDocEntry,string oAlmacen,string oPrinterName, string oUserId)         {             bool Retorno = …

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Dealing with ‘CrystalReportViewer’ control – Part 1.

In Crystal reports .NET or Java application development, Crystal report viewer plays a vital role and is the only control which views a Crystal report. This blog provides few guidelines on how to use, customize the viewer and how to deal with viewer related (report viewing) issues. What is ‘CrystalReportViewer’ control and how to use it? The CrystalReportViewer control is used in the .NET Framework to bind to and display …

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How to use the new search on SCN

The title of this blog makes me cringe, even though, yes I wrote it. E.g.; I’ve never read a word on how to search using Google, yet I am able to do so. Unfortunately, searching SCN is not as intuitive so here are a few pointers. As part of this introduction, I’d like to say that is in Beta and improvements are coming. Just gives a bit of time …

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