SAP Decision Service Management

Understanding DSM – System Setup practices

Why deployment is better than CTS SAP Change and Transport management (CTS) is a powerful tool for collecting code and configuration changes built in the development system (DEV) and applying them to quality assurance systems (QAS) and subsequently to production systems (PRD). Powerful and structured but not speedy – even at the most organized of customers, transporting from DEV to PRD usually takes days. It is not uncommon for it …

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Advanced Business Rules with HANA and R – Benford’s Law

This blog is about some basic statistical methods which are used sometimes for fraud management. The application is very simple: given a list of f.e. expenses we can prove whether they are suspicious or not. Those tests can be used in analytical business rules. I am writing this blog entry as part of a blog series where I describe how to use algorithms in HANA that can be used in …

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Advanced Business Rules with HANA and R – Mind the Gap!

In my blog series about Decision Management with HANA and R I gave some examples about analytical and predictive rules with HANA and R. I covered use cases like time series forecast and (integer) optimization of linear functions with linear constraints. Before I continue with more examples I want to discuss technical difficulties implementing those scenarios. Missing Links: Integration between ABAP and R At the moment AMDP doesn’t support R …

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Advanced Business Rules with HANA and R – Linear Optimization

In the last blog entry I introduced business rules using prediction algorithms: Therefore I used R which can be called from HANA using SQLscript which can be called from BRFplus rules. In this blog entry I will present another use case where R is used to solve an optimization problem. The focus of this blog is on R. you can easily call the R script from an SQLscript procedure …

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Analytical Business Rules with HANA and R – Forecasting Time Series

This blog series is about analytical business rules. I will focus on advanced techniques using R in BRFplus rule systems. R is together with PAL one tool that enhances HANA with techniques from predictive analytics. Operational vs. Analytical Decision Management Operational Decision Management is related to digitalization using business rules. With business rules we automate processes by doing automated decisions based on calculations. Usually the rule systems have a simple structure …

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DSM Trace Visualization – Installation Tips on a Netweaver 7.40

This blog is intended to be seen as an addendum to the document “SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management Trace Visualization” published by Wolfgang Schaper when installing the tool on a Netweaver 7.40.   I think this tool is a great new addition to the BRFplus/DSM functionality which adds a big additional value to the BRFplus/DSM ecosystem. Although the description of the installation procedure is quite good I think there are …

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