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How to check whether an element in word template is bound to a web service node

You have followed the guide described in note “2047259 Trouble shooting guide about word document merge with web service” to get the content of word template which is used to create attachment in the runtime. For trouble shooting purpose you want to check whether a given element in your word template is bound to a certain node in web service or not. There are two approaches to achieve your requirement. …

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How to check whether a field in word template is filled correctly by web service

Requirement: when you create a attachment based on a web service enabled word template for a business transaction for example service contract: In case you don’t know how to create a web service enabled document, please refer to these two blogs: Create Webservice enabled word document in attachment assignment block Create Webservice enabled Adobe PDF attachment in CRM Application You click button “With Template” and choose one template from pop …

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