SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection SP06 is Now Available

Support package 06 brings lots of new features. Since the forensic lab is the key tool in SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, improvements there are usually worth a mention. In this support package are several involving operators, which are important for pattern development. The threshold in a pattern can now use =, >, <, <=, or >=. The default >= is the behavior that you will be familiar with. Value lists …

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Join our Upcoming Knowledge Transfer Webinar about SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Update: The webinar recording is now available at the International Focus Group for SAP Security, Data Protection & Privacy site. Click on “SAP Enterprise Threat Detection Road Map” and then on “Recording”. Enjoy!   Don’t miss the upcoming live knowledge transfer webinar about SAP Enterprise Threat Detection Road Map! Our expert Martin Plummer, SAP Security Product Management, SAP SE, will present the latest and what’s ahead. SAP Enterprise Threat Detection …

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Cybersecurity incidents: No Trace, No Log, No Problem!

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (SAP ETD) allows early detection of critical events in the SAP environment and enables IT Security Analysts to take appropriate measures to stop a cyber attack or fraud incident. Security-critical events are determined upon evaluation of log files that are compared with known attack patterns in real-time. But what happens if an attack leaves no trace in the log file? BY DENIS BORMOTOV, VIRTUAL FORGE   …

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SAP Enterprise Threat Detection: Semantic Events and Attributes

  SAP Enterprise Threat Detection is a product that enables you to detect cyber-threats to your IT landscape. This blog contains a series of videos that explain how Semantic Events and Attributes are crucial to this functionality. As an alternative to viewing the videos you can follow the textual links to slides and accompanying text that convey the same information as the videos. There is also a playlist containing all the videos. …

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SAP Enterprise Threat Detection SP05 is Now Available

You will notice that instead of a single delivery (DU) unit for installation, there are two additional ones. There is a content DU that is intended for delivering extra content after the initial release of the support package. For example, it could contain additional patterns as a result of a new SAP Security Note being published. The other DU contains sample data for test and demonstration purposes. Demo Scenario I …

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Ingesting logs in CEF format in SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Introduction Many customers using SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (SAP ETD) have use cases where they would like to combine log information from their SAP systems with logs from other systems in their landscape, e.g. firewalls, virus scanners, proxies. SAP ETD provides different means to integrate non-SAP logs: The component Log Learning provides means to learn unstructured logs from sample data and allows mapping to the semantic data model of SAP ETD. …

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Webinar: 28th June – Creating a resilient cyber security strategy

Join SAP and Deloitte for a joint webinar entitled “Creating a resilient cyber security strategy” at 10.00am BST/11.00am CEST on Tuesday 28th June 2016.    Cyber criminals continue to exploit organizations with valuable assets and the weakest defenses. Highly adaptable to switching between industries and attack methods, those intent on breaching your organization’s defenses are increasingly sophisticated at stealing financial and commercially sensitive information. Technology enabled innovation and the growth …

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