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VAT split payment mechanism in Romania – 2538317

Dear all, This post is for Romania only. The post refers to note  2538317 “VAT split payment mechanism in Romania”. ANAF has published short instructions of how to find the VAT split status of a company here. You may found complete working program code in Python for a single request here. Maybe later I will extend the part for CSV upload and saving… I am back with code and instructions for querying …

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Westpac Connector Solution on SAP HEC – Using PGP Encryption

Westpac Connector Solution was developed by SAP in collaboration with Westpac (WIB). This solution utilizes SAP PI to transfer/receive vendor payment files and bank statements between Client’s SAP system and Westpac. This document outlines the configuration steps required to implement the solution when SAP is on Hana Enterprise Cloud Platform (Sybase Database). Prerequisites Vendor and GL master data set up to run Payment Program. Payment Run Configuration with Payment Methods …

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Note 2372704, S394 declaration, ODN

Good day! Let’s talk about Note 2372704, 2381903 – Romania, LC 394 declaration October 2016 Reporting What is the purpose of ODN? I presume the answer is: ‘None knows(exactly) or none told us(exactly)’ Probably we are just the followers of what we have been told to do. We all know that in time community solves most things. And what times can’t solve, you have to solve yourself and share it. Technical postulate: ODN is designed to …

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There is an expected final repayment. There is a purchase or investment which has payment amount different to the final repayment, the difference between the investment and the final repayment is a premium (+) or discount(-). Amortization means that this premium/discount is accrued until the final repayment. The reasoning is same as with interest accrual/deferral – for every accounting period you post corresponding portion of premium/discount to profit/loss. There is …

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