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Triggering Notification to SAP Fiori

Introduction Notifications are a great way to make users aware of the situation that require timely action or attention. This could be an information of an event/action which just occurred or could be a workflow task which requires immediate attention. One of the most awaited features of Fiori 2.0 is the Notification center. This was initially introduced as part of S4HANA 1610 release. This document explains how to enable the …

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Scaling Dynamic Tile on Fiori Launch Pad

Hi All , Few days back I had a requirement  where , I have a Fiori application which is having a business process as, the completed deliveries count. So if there is count more than 3 digits i,e greater than 999 then I need to display the count as 1K 1M 1B  Firstly we need to create an oData Service to configure the tile dynamically, Go to SEGW , create …

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Develop Fiori List Report and Object Page – Fiori Elements – Using Northwind odata service and local annotations

To develop fiori application using smart templates having odata service as backend. You may have annotations on backend(preferably CDS or in your gateway project) or frontend. Backend annotations can be overwritten in frontend or you can add new annotations using annotation modeler plugin available in Sap Web IDE. Let’s use northwind odata service which does contain any pre-set annotations from backend to create Fiori list report application. No javascript coding required …

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How-To: Create Custom Tile types for OnPremise Fiori Launchpad

I saw many beautiful blogs around this topic, some among the others are: Create and use custom tile type Creating an SAP Smart Business like tile without HANA on your Fiori Launchpad Customised Tile Types in Fiori Launchpad (although this one is not really a “custom” tile type – more like a customized standard one) Anyway, my goal is to put all together and have a Custom Tile type that is also able to …

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Fiori Remote content in Backend catalogs Technical base

In newer SAP Fiori ships “legacy App” content ( e.g. WebDynpro, WebGUI transactions ) via so called “Backend Catalogs”.  (Typically naming convention  *_TC_*_BE_*   Technical Catalog  BackEnd ). These are delivered in the backend Suite system. On the Frontend-server(FES) “dangling references” to these Applications are delivered in Business catalogs *_BC_* , which are only satisfied once the technical catalogs have been *replicated* to the Frontend-server. (As historically also legacy _TC_ …

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Deploy SAPUI5 app to ABAP repository without changing sap-ui-core.js

Hello, Did you face the problem of deploying a sapui5 application from SAP WebIDE to an ABAP repository and the sap-ui-core.js was not correct? Then you had to modify the path to deploy to the ABAP repository? One solution is to go with two index files on web ide. For example one localindex.html with one route for src valid on webide: <script id="sap-ui-bootstrap" src="../resources/sap-ui-core.js" ******** data-sap-ui-theme="sap_bluecrystal" data-sap-ui-xx-bindingSyntax="complex" ******** </script> And one second index.html …

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