SAP Fiori for SAP Solution Manager

Using the SAP Fiori Launchpad in the SAP Solution Manager

Introduction One of the major new technologies we introduced in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 was the SAP Fiori Launchpad. I will provide a brief introduction here, and, time permitting, I will go into other practical details in further blog articles. The Fiori Launchpad is SAP’s new browser based application for providing users with central and easy access to SAP (and even non-SAP) applications. We positioned the Fiori Launchpad as a successor …

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Using QR Codes with the Create Incident App in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Release 7.2 of the SAP Solution Manager contains many significant improvements. One of them is the growing portfolio of SAP Fiori applications, including several easy to use apps for IT Service Management. In this blog, I will describe how you can use the Create Incident Fiori app, together with QR Codes (Quick Response codes), to make reporting and processing incidents even easier for your users. QR Codes contain encoded information, …

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OCC Dashboard for Solution Documentation Usage Report

In a normal customer scenario, the usage report is generated manually on a regular intervals. The below is an example of report created manually in a customer system. The drawback of this approach is as follows; 1.It is Manual. 2.It is time consuming to write down all the information. 3.It can lack the accuracy of the report. 4.Correction, modification are difficult. 5.It needs to be generated on a regular basis. …

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A Focused Solution for SAP Solution Manager: Dashboard Factory

Why do we need a Dashboard Factory? Are you a victim of missing control over your KPIs? Are you missing full visibility of system operation? Are you unable to centrally control system instability? Do you have full control on your SAP applications life-cycle? Are you facing High Operating and Application Management Cost? Are you facing High Unused Optimization Potential? Do you need a tool tailored to your specific operational needs? …

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