SAP Fiori launchpad

Issues in Fiori 2.0 and Solutions

Hi All, Target Audience SAPUI5/SAP Fiori Developers working with Fiori 2.0. Introduction In this blog we will see how to use custom stylesheet in an SAPUI5 application without affecting the launchpad theming. We will also see how to override the default compact styling in Fiori  2.0 Launchpad for Desktop version. Say, I want the launchpad to remain in belize theme but my application alone to have a back background, I …

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How to add apps to your SAP Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad

Introduction: Fiori Launchpad: A main entry point offered with the new SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to access all applications. The launchpad is divided into groups that contain different tiles, and each tile is a part of some catalog. Depending upon the launchpad configurations, end users can easily access their applications. However, sometimes we might want to change the existing configurations or even create new ones. In this post I will be …

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Enriching Fiori Launchpad

Hi Digital gurus, I and my colleague are working in customizing the Fiori applications which has less barring on some of the hybrid tools like Cordova. Now days we see lot of Fiori Applications on mobile using Cordova. Even to accomplish small tasks, engineer ends up making it hybrid, this calls for additional efforts and extended timelines (either in writing a new Cordova container or re-branding the SAP’s Fiori client …

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SAP Fiori Launchpad – Deployment Options and Recommendations

SAP Fiori launchpad is a real-time, role based and personalized aggregation point for business applications. It’s deployable on multiple platforms, such as SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Enterprise Portal. This document highlights the main differences of the launchpad running on the different platforms, and recommendations for customers when to use which deployment option. View document:  SAP Fiori launchpad – deployment options and recommendations

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Add System Information on Fiori Launchpad

Recently, while working on a project, I came across a requirement for displaying System Information on Fiori Launchpad Header. Traditionally in SAP GUI and SAP NWBC the system id is available on the screen. Therefore if a user has multiple SAP systems open at single time, for example Development, Quality and Production, quick view on the bottom corner of the screen can tell you what system are you working on. …

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SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad configuration

This document contains the basic step by step process to configure the Launchpad for SAP Cloud Platform and to add sapui5 application in the Launchpad. Log on to SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit Go to Services and click on Portal Enable the Portal Click on Go to service In new browser window SAP Cloud Platform Portal will open. Click on Create New Site A pop-up will open to Create site.Enter Site …

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Allow users to switch language in the Fiori Launchpad using UI Plugins

Dear Fiori Friends, The default Fiori Launchpad does not allow a user to switch languages, without having to log off/on. It is possible to see the language you are logged in with by opening the user menu and navigating to “User Preferences”. It is however not possible to change the language in this menu. To allow users to switch languages while working in the Fiori Launchpad I added a UI-plugin to …

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Make SAP Easy Access Menu for Fiori Launchpad work for you

Inspired by Ugur Hasdemir’s blog The SAP GUI menu is back in Fiori 2.0 and helped by this respective SAP Community Wiki I want to make SAP Easy Access Menu for Fiori Launchpad work for me. To start with, I upgrade my SAP_UI component from version 750 SPS07 to version 751 SPS01 to unlock SAPUI5 version 1.44.13. For this I chose Install or Maintain an Add-on in SAP Maintenance Planner and …

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