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SAP Fiori Apps Recommendation Report – Easy discovery of relevant SAP Fiori Apps

Are you looking for ways to modernize the user experience and increase the efficiency of your SAP Business Suite users? Do you plan to access SAP Business Suite transactions from mobile devices? Answer to both questions is SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori Apps deliver a new user experience for SAP Business Suite users across all lines of business, focusing on the way employees work and offers a variety of business benefits: …

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SAP Fiori Elements CoE workshop

Fiori Elements CoE workshop was kick-started on 6th December 2017 at Bangalore, India. The motive of the session was to enable CoEs (Representatives) from each Line of Business with the best practices, existing out-of-box features and upcoming features / road map. The expectation of this workshop is also to encourage multiplier workshops, wherein the learnt content is shared with other members in the LoB  . The workshop was participated by …

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How to add extension points to smart template application using ReplaceFacet via breakouts

I work on SAPUI5 and smart templates as a Developer in SAP Labs, I found some interesting details on breakouts in Smart templates and hence I wanted to go for a blog on this topic. As everyone would be aware of extending a smart template fiori app using breakouts, in this blog I will be explaining how to use the ReplaceFacet to add extension point on an existing section. For …

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Analysis Tool for Fiori Applications

Dear community, We created a little tool to check the configuration and the development design of Fiori/UI5 applications. It verifies if the most relevant application files are available and checks if the application related services are active. Finally it displays the collected result in a table.   How to get the tool? Implement the SAP notes 2549968 and 2553469 or deploy the in the notes’ stated software component. Please read the SAP notes …

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Smart charts in Object Pages using ABAP CDS Annotations

With the introduction of Fiori Elements SAP started a revolution in the way we can construct Fiori apps, they are basically a set of generic UI5 codes that can read annotations and generate applications automatically without the need of javascript coding. These templates are powered by Smart Controls, you can place them in your XML views to create mixed apps or just let the Fiori Elements execute all the job. …

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SAP Fiori – Consume OData Service, CSS, i18n properties in UI5 Application

Overview: In this blog, we will see, How to apply custom CSS Styles in SAP UI5 application? How to work with multiple language scripts (i18n properties) ? How to consume an OData service in SAP UI5 Application? Detailed steps to create a SAP UI5 application can be found in following link: SAP Fiori – Custom App Implementation Create a Fiori app using Eclipse   SAP UI5 Application project Structure: Our …

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Register OData Service in SAP Fiori Server

Overview Here we see the process to activate and register custom Odata Service in SAP-Fiori (Front-End) server. Odata Service ‘ZTEST_ODATA’ is been created/defined in t-code ‘SEGW’ of SAP-Fiori, as can be seen in below screen: This blog is part of below parent blog: SAP Fiori – Custom App Implementation   Steps to Activate/Register OData Service: [1] System Alias Maintainance We can configure ‘system alias‘ Alias using below details: T-Code    SPRO …

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