SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

Is Geofencing Poised for a Breakout Year?

Most people are familiar with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, Bluetooth beacons, and Wi-Fi nodes. If nothing else, the average person understands how to use GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology in relation to mobile devices. They are considered standard technologies in today’s society. But few people are familiar with geofencing, a technology that works in conjunction with all of these systems. Despite being around for a number of years, it’s …

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What is SAP Geographical Enablement Framework?

SAP Geographical Enablement Framework (in short SAP Geo Framework) works as the foundation to extend business data with geometric attributes for SAP Business Suite or S4/HANA applications. As a framework leveraging the spatial capabilities inherent in SAP HANA, it enables organizations to develop geospatially enriched business data, and make them accessible from within SAP applications as well as external GIS (Geographical Information System) systems. The framework is being delivered with …

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