SAP Global Batch Traceability

SAP Global Batch Traceability 3.0 – now available!

SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT) is a repository for batch genealogy data (from raw material to finished goods) that supports fast and easy where-used analysis. The analysis can be done top-down and bottom-up across system borders within a company. SAP GBT is used by many life-science companies but also becomes increasingly interesting for the consumer products industry, e.g. dairy or food production. In the following video, Christoph Huber discusses with …

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The importance of product genealogy and what SAP Global Batch Traceability does for you

1. The importance of Tracking and Tracing in the digitized world Today, consumers want to be sure they hold a ‘real’ – not a fake – product in their hands, they want guaranteed product safety and quality, and they want to make ethical purchases (with conflict-free & environmentally-friendly material sourcing, fair-trade harvesting etc.). So being sure of where a product and its materials or ingredients originate from, is vital. This …

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Influence new developments for SAP GBT

Current developments for SAP Global Batch Traceability are being done in the area of Handling Unit Traceability. In case you are interested in these new functionalities and would like to review and/or test the current development, please contact us using the following link: We are looking forward to get your feedback!

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IDoc CREMAS or DEBMAS is not created by changing certain fields

Did you experience the following? In SAP ERP, neither a message of type CREMAS nor of type DEBMAS is generated by change pointer although you have changed customer or vendor address data. Certain fields belong to message type ADRMAS only, for example, field Email or Search Term 2. If you change only these fields, no message of type CREMASor DEBMASis generated by change pointer. You must create a change pointer …

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Discover Your Processes in SAP GBT

Did you ask yourself how the posting of a goods receipt for partial deliveries of a purchase order is displayed in SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT)? And what other example processes are described for SAP GBT? Have a look in the documentation of SAP GBT under Example Processes.

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HANA Live for SAP Global Batch Traceability released

On April 22nd we released the first content package for HANA Live for SAP Global Batch Traceability. It is available for download on SAP Service Marketplace. HANA Live content for SAP Global Batch Traceability enables customers to do very flexible reporting on batch-where used information. Without any programming knowledge users can adopt available query views by adding columns, filtering data, defining the type of output (maps, bar charts, heat maps …

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Are you looking for information for SAP GBT 2.0?

In this short video, you get some tips where to find information about SAP GBT 2.0. Furthermore, you find some quicklinks or URLs, which you can use to display different kinds of information or documentation. For example, you get the information were to find the administrator’s guide or the quicklink to access the application help for SAP GBT 2.0. Use this link:

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