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Encountering PLDA error

Hi If you are having trouble sending declarations to PLDA and encountering the error java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair Please see  the response from Seeburger stating: ” Received the information that the Belgium Customs Authorities PLDA/EMCS are performing a maintenance on their communication interface today 13.03.2017 and it will end tomorrow morning 14.03.2017 at 09:00 h CET. More information could be obtained at : We expect the reported …

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Release of SAP GTS Continous Shipment Q4 2016.

Hi, Global Trade Services Continuous shipment information for Q4 2016 has been released and can be found in PDF attachment of KBA 2417954  This document includes a summary of the recent changes to GTS functions including legal changes, localisations, improvements, innovations. Content includes updates on : US: ISF adaptions for ACE Product catalog legal control Preference Management: Performance optimization US: FTZ Material transfer from FTZ to non-FTZ stock US: FTZ forecast send as …

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Revision of the Harmonized System 2017

The Council of the World Customs Organization decided on the 28th June 2014 to accept changes to HS nomenclature according to Art. 16 HS, which comes into force on the 1st January 2017 and replaces HS 2012. A total of 233 changes were made, possibly requiring a reclassification in SAP GTS. Due to revision of the Harmonized System, all nomenclatures based on this system are affected, for example: Commodity code …

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PLDA release 16.1

Hi All, With the upcoming 16.1 release of the Belgian customs system PLDA, the changes require new mappings. SAP note 2392320  has been created in relation to this and is now released to all customers. Best Regards SAP GTS Global Support  

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Order is not coming to GTS for a new sales Org

All, I have created  a new organizational structure , legal regulations and all related configuration for a new company code/Sales Org. However when I am creating an order for this new sales area, the order is coming to GTS but not showing in Existing documents, Incomplete documents or Blocked documents report. Order is in /SAPSLL/CORREF table and can be viewed in log ( via SLG1). But it is not in …

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License Value and Quantity are not updating correctly with Outbound Delivery change

Hi Team, As a part of business requirement created the outbound delivery and released the Legal control block by assigning the License manually. Values and Quantity of the License are updated correctly and also Delivery document updated at Assigned Documents tab. Created Sales Order with Quantity : 5 Outbound Delivery Quantity : 3 License assigned Quantity : 3 Changed the Outbound Delivery Quantity to 4 and License are updated to …

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GTS Customs Export decleration – IDOC Simulation

Recently we have started setting up a customs export  demo system in GTS-11 for our client presentation. Since automated  e-filing of exports deceleration  is one  of the KEY feature  facilitated by GTS hence we thought of showing the same in our demo along with all other capabilities. In real time world we will have an interface  established with the local  customs  export system (For Ex: AES in USA / ATLAS …

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Re-Transfer Commodity Codes

Hello, Recently SAP released the following notes to overcome the difficulties with the existing re-transfer commodity code program i.e./sapsll/stawn_Retransfer program. 2183903 – Customer Connect: Re-transfer of commodity codes 2155544 – Customer Connect: Re transfer of commodity codes – implementation plug-in Once you implement the above notes – you can start using the below new programs. The report /SAPSLL/SWNAV_RETRANSFER should be scheduled as a background job in the GTS in order …

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